All the «bobs» that are in fashion

But what is this bob?

The bob is the shoulder-length haircut that never sets. The classic bob usually reaches to the chin, leaving the neck exposed. It is considered one of the most versatile cuts as it adapts to straight, wavy and curly hair and can be worn with or without bangs. «This type of cut ensures density and volume from root to tip. You can choose a mid-length bob without layers, a long layered bob, or a smooth bob. All these cuts will give you hair with thickness and personality», explain the hair stylists of the Blow Dry Bar.

Types of bobsleds

While the list is literally endless, here are some of our favorites:

  • The «sharp bob»: a smooth haircut, without layers, but with a rounded finish.
  • The “long bob”: the shoulder-length bob, which in addition to being trendy is the one that looks best at (almost) 50 years old.
  • The «French long bob» (formerly sported by Paris Hilton): the longer version of the bob, which touches the shoulders, but is longer in the front than at the nape.
  • The «French bob»: it looks great on those with slightly wavy hair and an oval face.
  • The «blunt bob»: the ideal cut for all girls who can’t stand the summer heat and want to have their neck exposed.

What face types does it suit?

Well dear, I have good news: the bob looks good on all face shapes, as long as the cut suits the features and texture of the hair. And as you’ve seen, the possibilities are endless.

The bobs of the stars that we prefer

  • The elegant and trendy French bob sported by Ana de Armas in 2021.
  • Maria Pedraza and the perfect bob that every girl would like to wear.
  • The bob with bangs and waves Clare Lake at a summer wedding.
  • The super trendy bob of Sarah Carbonerowith waves and long side bangs.
  • The perfect bob for the summer of Alexandra Pereira.
  • The straight and smooth bob super perfect of Dawn Lake.
  • The long bob of the mother of Chloe Sevignywhich is the hairstyle that looks best on everyone.
  • The trendiest bob of autumn 2021 sported by Martha Hazassuitable for those with curly and wavy hair.
  • The much shorter and much trendier bob than Kaia Gerber: the cut most requested by the hairdresser and the one that classy girls wear.

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