Pisces and Virgo at risk of quarrel

In today’s horoscope, Tuesday 14 March 2023, the lucky sign is Aries, while the unlucky sign is Pisces. There is a certain emotional tension in the air. In fact, if the thoughts are creative and immense, it will be more difficult to put them on the ground because of the lurking Mars. Fights are around the corner.

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In today’s horoscopeTuesday 14 March 2023, and the sign-by-sign forecasts on love, work and luck: here’s what the stars have in store for us on this day.

The Sun is getting closer and closer to Neptune and both square, i.e. collide, Mars. Ideals are very strong, and for this reason they have no desire for soft compromises.

With the Moon being in the sign of Sagittarius today, I’d say the lucky sign is Aries, while the unfortunate sign Pisces, who don’t feel they have the situation under control as they would like.

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Today’s horoscope for Aries

You are definitely reckless, because super exalted by Mars and Jupiter. Since you always throw yourself into extreme situations, you should buy jeans with a built-in airbag, designed for motorcyclists, so as to be sure that your ‘butt’ is always covered. It’s okay that you’re very lucky at the moment, but you never know.

Love: you know how to turkey even in a foreign language.
Work: risk seems to be your job, you are an expert in risky investments.
Health: Your strength is legendary, like that of Hercules.
Tip of the day: learn how to do sustainable shopping.
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Today’s horoscope for Taurus

You always attach great importance to knowledge, now that you have Mercury on your side. I’m sure you deeply appreciate the initiative of the Istituto Lorenzini Pescia, where the lyrics and songs of De André, Battiato and Guccini are studied in literature. You could propose an update of the school programs.

Love: you are always ready for a snack.
Work: always points to clarity and highly armored contracts.
Health: the days that get longer put you in a great mood.
Tip of the day: listen to the record ‘The Edge’ by U2, which is a true masterpiece.
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Today’s horoscope for Gemini

You could be excellent diplomats today with Venus sweetening you a lot, but with Mercury against you, you are really lacking in written and verbal expression. To your aid comes the new option to put the expiration date in group chats, so you won’t have to issue excuses or goodbyes and you can take advantage of a quiet exit.

Love: you can send very spicy messages only with body language.
Work: Don’t get too fixated on impossible goals.
Health: Take advantage of this great physical strength to perform heroic deeds.
Tip of the day: beware of deepfakes found online.
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Today’s horoscope for Cancer

Does the news that an asteroid could hit the earth on Valentine’s Day 2046 seem like a sign of destiny, because Venus against, for a little while longer, extinguishes all the little flames of passion in your little heart. Take this moment to be able to dedicate yourself and focus on your personal results.

Love: you consider it a mortal bore.
Work: you have the ability to maintain a very high level of concentration for hours.
Health: Bring out your charming intellectual side.
Tip of the day: learn to wear the Achille Costacurta style baseball cap.
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Today’s horoscope for Leo

You feel like one of the angels who recently walked the runways for Victoria’s Secret in New York. Venus and Mars in your favor guarantee you beauty, tone and great sex appeal, and today with an exotic Moon you will be able to bring out even your most fascinating side. You just can’t ask for more.

Love: You devour it like a whole pack of gummy bears.
Work: take advantage of this moment in which no one will be able to resist you or say no.
Health: wonderful as if you just landed from the planet Venus.
Tip of the day: Start doing Father’s Day crafts.
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Today’s horoscope for Virgo

You have the feeling that you need a break from everything and everyone today that the crooked Moon is added to Mercury against you. Follow your instinct and join the large group of New York Luddites who for years have abandoned technology and the unnecessary stress of apps and smartphones. You really need this.

Love: Not even your high school sweetheart could make your little heart skip a beat.
Work: mute all your devices today to reply to the email tomorrow.
Health: your place of well-being would be a silent Buddhist monastery.
Tip of the day: go to Vescovana to see the tulips in bloom.
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Today’s horoscope for Libra

Sex appeal just can’t leave you, with Mars making you all on fire. You’re as tantalizing as Anne Hathaway at the Versace show in Los Angeles, squeezed into a black patent sheath dress and maxi wedges. This is just your perfect look that you love to show off in the early morning.

Love you discard it like an outdated garment.
Work you don’t take advice from anyone, not even a nobel prize winner.
Health: Your reflexes are like those of Ping Pong champions: very fast.
Tip of the day: you can also afford the hair clips, the ones with glitter and Hello Kitty that pre-teens like so much.
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Today’s horoscope for Scorpio

Now that you have Saturn in your favour, you are moved by great responsibility and a sense of duty. You are just like Paola Egonu, who after a few months spent in Turkey decides to return to play in her beloved Italy, because she cannot resist the call of her homeland. Following your principles is your true weapon of success.

Love: you can put all your innermost fantasies into practice.
Work: you are a true strategist to be consulted even in times of peace.
Health: this thing that everything is going well starts to get bored.
Tip of the day: watch the Oscar-winning film: Everything Everywhere all at once’.
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Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

You deeply wish to experience the life of the dog traveling from Hong Kong to Paris in business class. You dream of comfort and absence of stress, because you are tormented by Mars in opposition and Saturn against. Fortunately, today a benevolent Moon arrives in your sign, which even makes you want to travel again.

Love: for you it is being rocked until you fall asleep.
Work: postpone everything to a date ‘to be defined’.
Health: sleep is one’s most faithful ally. Remember that!
Tip of the day: start planning summer vacancies, but calmly.
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Today’s horoscope for Capricorn

Reason rules unchallenged thanks to Mercury in favor. You always find support for all your personal theories, such as the recent statement by two Nobel laureates Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton, who claim that money and wealth can guarantee happiness. You who also have Venus against you could not agree more.

Love: you avoid him like the stars the paparazzi.
Work: you have the ability to sell fireflies for lanterns.
Health: you are very ready for the Mathematics Olympiad.
Tip of the day: go see the David Cronenberg exhibition at the Prada Foundation.
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Today’s horoscope for Aquarius

Surely you don’t get too upset by news like Cher introducing her baby boy friend who is forty years younger than her to the world. You are for cosmic love, without borders, with Venus in your favor and Jupiter who amplifies this desire to get out of the box and prejudices. The only important thing is to make your little heart resonate like the congas in Claudio Coccoluto’s house music.

Love it is universal.
Work you know how to perceive all the moods in a room and put them all together as if in harmony.
Health you are ready to embrace all of humanity whole.
Tip of the day: supports initiatives such as long hair at all ages as suggested by the legendary Helen Mirren.
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Today’s horoscope for Pisces

You certainly feel more encouraged to work with Saturn in favor, but physically you always have to work against Mars against. The perfect look for you is undoubtedly that of Tommy Cash, who showed up at the Paris Fashion Week shows with a ‘bed’ dress complete with a duvet and ergonomic pillow for regenerating naps in any situation. To be copied immediately.

Love: it seems impossible to you like in a fantastic story.
Work you have no intention of getting your hands dirty.
Health: also set the alarm for when you need to take a nap.
Tip of the day: play a marathon of Super Mario games comfortably spread out on the sofa.
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