All the eccentric looks of Marco Mengoni during concerts: from red to white

The image of Marco Mengoni has changed significantly compared to before: from classic to more eccentric looks.

marco mengoni Has always displayed a unique talent in the world of music, enthralled the audience with his voice and songs. In the past year, the singer has experienced a particularly successful period – in February won the sanremo festival Together “two livesIn May they won fourth place in the Eurovision Song Contest with the same song and this summer. with the population on the radio has decreased ,crazy musicDuet with Elodie.

Meanwhile, Mengoni has released his latest album “substance (prism)“, the final chapter of the trilogy that began with “Matter (Earth)” and “Matter (Man)”. The album became instantly popular. first place in the standings and received good reviews from critics.

Besides the music and the successes, there is also another element that will be remembered in this new musical era of the singer: appearance With which he presents himself in concerts throughout Italy. Appearance must come after the music, that’s true, but new picture The characterization of this musical era by Mengoni is very special, first of all because it is a departure from the artist’s past.

new image of marco mengoni

The artist’s focus has always been on aesthetics and his personal style, but recently he created a bold move towards experimentation and individuality, His looks combine fashion, art and extravagance and have become an integral part of his performances and artistic message.

Mengoni had already presented himself at the Sanremo Festival. very sexy clothes instead of styleOr a classic from the past. Tank tops, leather suits and a flood of sequins showing her progress in the gym accompanied the artist’s performance.

Marco Mengoni presents himself to the fans in a sequined, transparent T-shirt and suit that is a triumph of originality (Instagram photo @mengonimarcoofficial) –

Also on the occasion of the first performance of “Paza Musica”, which took place in the last episode of “Che Tempo Che Fa”, Mengoni presented himself with a black suit consisting of a classic-cut jacket with shorts. a choice that sparked an amusing conversation between him and conductor Fabio Fazio.

Mengoni often appear in concerts with semi-transparent suits and bright colors that shock the eye. style of international pop stars Like Harry Styles and Sam Smith. The singer’s new image coincides with a musical era with lighter and more carefree sounds and themes than in the past, in which the singer invites her fans to let go and live their lives to the fullest.

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