Best albums and singles of the first half of 2023: Ranking…

We have arrived in July, which is not only the age of summer proverbs, but also the age of balance sheets. we are really mid 2023and so it’s time to establish which are Best Album and Best Single of the Year,

To do this we rely on explicitly certified numbers FIMI – Federation of the Italian Music IndustryHe Punctual like the summer of the feds has provided us with data relating to the first recording semester of 2023.

Best albums of the first half of 2023: Giolier dominates, Lazza resists

according to the report on top of the music Most Listened Album of the Year Between Physical, Download and Streaming by FIMI Children of Courage – Act II Of jolier, Not surprising at all, considering that with Abhishek being anointed as the headlining slot at the Concerto on May Day, the Neapolitan rapper literally exploded into 2023.

In second place we get another rapper who has gone mainstream after already dominating the 2022 album charts. shamefresh from the incredible success of Sanremo (where he finished second Ashes, disc is on again Serious, which topped the list of most played albums throughout 2022 (or at least since its April release) and is also firmly in second place in 2023.

New kicks off the Best Albums of 2023 stage substance (prism), the third installment of the mater trilogy marco mengoniWith the winner of Sanremo 2023 two lives, top 5 too Guay Together mother of pearl (4th place) E Shiva Together matching demon, The complete absence of foreign albums from the chart is surprising, with only one in the top 20: Everlasting. the dark side of the Moon Did pink Floyd (1973), also thanks to the 50th anniversary of its release.

Most listened to albums of 2023 in Italy – Top 10

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  1. jolier , Children of Courage – Act II
  2. shame , Serious
  3. marco mengoni , substance (prism)
  4. Guay , mother of pearl
  5. Shiva , matching demon
  6. tedua , divine comedy
  7. Last , sunrise
  8. Tananai , rave, eclipse
  9. nuclear tactical penguin , fake news
  10. manskin , rush!

Best singles of 2023: Sanremo still matters a lot to the charts

The ranking of the best singles of the first half of 2023 is dominated by Sanremo songs. in first place Ashes Of shamethat goes ahead two lives Of Mangoni, After this both changed their position FestivalTo the delight of SIAE by David Petrella, co-writer of both songs.

However, the final ranking of Sanremo 2023 remains the same as the singles for the 3rd and 4th positions respectively occupied by super hero Of mr rain and poignantly tango Of Tananai, only number seven on the singles chart Madam (which peaked at number 21 on the album chart DearRecord that we first liked it and then reviewed here).

Remember that the singles chart takes into account both downloads and premium streaming.

Most streamed singles in the first half of 2023 – Top 10

  1. shame , Ashes
  2. marco mengoni , two lives
  3. mr rain , super hero
  4. Tananai , tango
  5. Bizarre and Quevedo , Quevedo: The BZRP Music Sessions, Vol 52
  6. finesse feat. Shiva, Sphera Abbasta and Guay , Envy
  7. Madam , good in bad
  8. Miley Cyrus , flowers
  9. Guay, Anna and Sphera Abbasta , Cookies N Cream
  10. Matteo Paolillo – Icarus, LoFlo , origami at dawn

Vinyl and Certifications: 544 Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum Titles

Although in a clear minority compared to streaming, the vinyl market resists (with a growth of about 10% compared to 2022). The vinyl market to be dominated in the first half of 2023 the dark side of the Moon Did pink Floyd Of which, as mentioned, the Golden Wedding takes place. Second place for Rush! Did manskin (find our review here) and for the third Serious Of shameJoe confirms himself as one of the most favorite casters of the year on all venues and all lakes.

In the top 10, at number seven, also great morning Did Arctic Monkeys of 2013 (though internationally the Sheffield band compete against Taylor Swift for the scepter of best album of 2022) car, also inevitable Astroworld Of travis scott (6th place), New memento mori Did depeche mode (eighth) and rediscovery random access memory Did Daft Punk (ninth). closes the top 10 marrakechTogether Person,

However, from the point of view of certificates, they are good Title 544 certified gold, platinum and multi-platinum, especially we talk 95 albums and 449 singles,

In general, the streaming market sees further growth with more than 35 billion songs in the first half of the year (+17% compared to 2022), according to a report by GfK. let yourself flow in six months. Slight drop for physicist, down 2.7%Despite vinyl growing by about 10%.


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