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The recent movie Spider-Man: No Way Home? It certainly wins the film record Marvel more melancholy than ever, for having brought back some of the most beloved faces of the entire American comic book saga. We are obviously talking about the three famous actors who over the years have lent their faces to the interpretation of the so-called Spiderman, flanked by skilled enemies, in most cases successfully defeated, but also by the performances of three talented actresses, who entered everyone’s hearts. From Kirsten Dunst to Emma Stonepassing through Zendayahere are the stars who have played the girlfriends of Spider-Man in the great cinematic cults that see him as the protagonist.


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Who is Spiderman

Much loved by children all over the world, by whom it is also known as Spiderman, Spider-Man is one of the most praised characters ever, within the rich world of signed comics Marvel. Born from the mind of Stan Lee and from the creative hands of Steve Ditkoit is actually Peter Parker, nothing more than a simple high school boy whose life has taken away his most important love, the one for his parents which he was orphaned. Having moved to live with his uncles May and Ben in New York, his adolescence is the most normal thing that can exist, between first loves, friendships, the teasing of some somewhat rebellious and bullying companions. However, everything changes when faced with the bite of a radioactive spiderwhich will be for the young Parker, the advent of superhuman powers.

From unprecedented strength, to the ability to climb between surfaces and ceilings, as well as detect danger through what he calls “spider sense”. The story of Spider-Man it is so rich that many stories and adventures have been told about him, in cinemas all over the world, through the interpretation of three actors, who have become iconic over time – and precisely because of this role. From the first Spider-Man Of Tobey Maguire at the last of Tom Hollandpassing through the intermediate of Andrew Garfield. The story of a young man’s incredible powers, made available to the community to defend and save it, just doesn’t seem to want to end. In fact, we will hear about the little “neighborhood superhero” for a long time to come, to the delight of adults and children who will thus be able to appreciate him, have fun and get excited with him and next to him, even in the new cinematic chapters arriving.


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All of Spider-man’s girlfriends and who they are played by

In addition to the numerous interpretations of the young man Spidermanalongside the team’s most acclaimed superheroes Marvel, The Avengersthere are eight films they have currently seen Peter Parker, with a stand-alone participation, as the absolute protagonist of the filming, to thus deeply investigate its origins and history. While the enthusiasts Marvel await the continuation of the events of Spider-Man next to Venom, but also to the new girlfriend Black Cat, who in all likelihood will be played by actress Anya Taylor-Joy, it is instead good to recognize that much of the growth that the superhero has gone through over the years is due to the proximity to his closest celebrate sweet halves. Who I am the actresses who have played the most iconic girlfriends of Spider-Man so far.

Kirsten Dunst is Mary Jane Watson

A fiery red wig was enough to transform the young American actress, of German origins, Kirsten Dunstin the first, heroic, girlfriend of Spider-Man never appeared on the big screen. In fact, she is the protagonist, next to Tobey Maguire of the three famous film chapters by Sam Raimi dedicated to the famous Spiderman. In order: Spider Man (2002), Spider Man 2 (2004) and Spider Man 3 (2007). At first glance totally different from each other, Peter and MJ will end up falling in love, among the school desks, united by the lack of a real family. All this not without consequences. For example, triggering the reaction of his friend, Harry Osborn, who was also lost in feelings for the young woman. However, it is of Spider-Man and MJ one of the most famous movie kisses in history.

Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy

She is the award-winning Hollywood actress Emma Stone instead to lend her face to another of the most famous girlfriends of Spider-Man, hero of the Avengers. Next to the beloved Andrew Garfieldin the role of Peter Parkerrecently revised also in Spider-Man: No Way HomeStone plays the very blonde Gwen Stacy. A normal love story, between students, which began a little quietly and almost by chance, without seeing the famous spark immediately struck. However, Gwen will end up leaving a great impact on the mind and experience of the friendly “Spider-Man neighborhood”, as he likes to define himself. Not only will the girl be decisive in some of her choices, but she will die in her arms, changing her life forever. Where to see and discover the story of Gwen Stacy: in the movies The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) e The Amazing Spider-Man – The power of Electro (2014), directed by Marc Webb.

Zendaya is Michelle Jones

Instead, she has the appearance of one of the most loved performers by Generation Z, Zendayathe last girlfriend of Spider-Man appeared on the big screen. Chronologically. Zendaya is Michelle Jones, the intelligent, ironic and irreverent classmate that Peter Parker can’t stand at first, but with whom he will eventually fall madly in love with. Michelle Jones, also defined as MJ, in the wake of Mary Jane Watson, is alongside Peter and Ned in their adventures between Avengers And Multiverse. In which films Marvel it is possible to see it and thus discover its history: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Just for the role of MJ in Spider-Man: Far From HomeZendaya won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Did you know that? An interesting curiosity about the pairs of actors who have played Spider-Man and his girlfriends over the years, wants that the love on the set has also spilled over into real life for them. From Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, there are many rumors that they would have seen an intense attendance during the filming between the first and second Sam Raimi film. In the case of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone instead, their love story that lasted until 2015 is known to the general public. Zendaya and Tom Holland instead they are one of the most loved couples of the moment, of which it is rumored that there will soon also be orange blossoms.

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