Also outside the program, she entertained millions of Italians: that’s who

Last TV season schedule was nothing short of an adrenaline rush, with numerous changes and great goodbyes both in Paradise and Mediaset. Last in line seems to be the beloved Piedmontese presenter, a great professional with a very long career. For some time now, in addition to hosting the Sunday Afternoon program with her dear friend and colleague, the artist has been participating as a regular guest in a test broadcast of the ratings, which will become the main character of a bright change next fall. . Many expected to see her again in the team, but, apparently, everything will not be so. Born in Emilia-Romagna in 1965. but living from the first years of his life in the province of Turin, after studying at ISEF, he began his career in television, winning the competition in 1985 Miss Muretto which allows her to rightfully participate also in the Miss Italy pageant, which at that time was directed by Enzo Mirigliani. After several appearances in well-known programs of the time, such as “Women W” and “Play of Couples”, she begins her real training, first as a valet to Giancarlo Magalli, and then as a correspondent Galagol, Telemontecarlo broadcast by Massimo Caputi and Alba Parietti. Then other sports programs follow, during a period when the presence of women is quite small, then, in the mid-nineties, there is a turning point when he moves to Mediaset. Here the management understands its potential and trusts it Never speak in the direction of Gol, Reservoir Dogs and Scherzi..

Another great goodbye to ‘Rai’ TV presenter: Here’s where we won’t see her

We are, of course, talking about Simon Ventura, the historical presenter of RaiQuelli che il calcio and the island known during the broadcast for Viale Mazzini. Today, a good host is the hostess, along with Paola Peregodi. Intercom Rai Dueholiday container of the second channel, and recently she appeared as a regular guest on Che tempo che fa by Fabio Fazio, the program “cultRai Tre until a few weeks ago.

As you know, Fazio and his staff have now moved from Viale Mazzini to Warner Bros. Discovery, and from next fall they will be streamed from Nine Studios. Following the conductor from Savona, not only the indispensable Luciana Littizzetto, but also Philippa Lagerback and many regular guests at the table, including Nino Frassica, Maurizio Ferrini, Mara Maionchi and Francesco Paolantoni. All the favorite faces of CTCF, as is known also the Fabio show, which in its 20 years of broadcasting has always collected a large number of shares and boasted international guests such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Lady Gaga, Pele, Madonna and Emmanuel Macron, just to name a few.

Among the new entries Ornella Vanoni, “young share”, as the conductor ironically called him. However, there is no trace of Simone Ventura, so she is excluded from participation in the program. Another unexpected change on the part of the viewers, who appreciated the fact of meeting her with her liveliness and sympathy even on Sunday evenings. From next October 15 always around 20, the show will be broadcast on the satellite network, and already many can’t wait to see them again on the small screen. who knows what “Super Simon” may not appear in the studio as a surprise in the future, perhaps this time acting as “Special Guest Stars”. Many hope so.

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