“In my closet there are “removable and removable” skates, you can get them anywhere”

International charm and mentality, open to multiculturalism, Eliza Wong26-year-old actress of Chinese origin, Italian television and film prospect.

What is amazing is his ability to open up to others and acting. Daughter of one of the greatest representatives of Chinese culture in Italy, Marco Wongnow Honorary President of the Associna, Elisa graduated from the Faculty of Economics to pursue a full-time pandemichis artistic career. We first saw her as a model in numerous advertising campaigns (including Gucci AND Costa Crocier) to then find her in the Netflix series Zero as well as The Net, a series airing on Rai2 and Love Club series available on Prime video. During 2023, he will return to television with the series “Doc 3” and “Secret Place”.

Eliza, what is your relationship with fashion?

“It wasn’t always passion. I have to say that my connection blossomed only when I started posing and therefore following models on social media, trying to study their fluidity, their movements, but above all, the ability to enhance and enliven clothing, making it my own.” .

How would you describe your wardrobe?

“Today my wardrobe is quite neat, I like to arrange things by color, so I have a section with white, black and then mixed things, folded according to the logic and harmony of color grading.”

Do you ever get frizzy?

“Absolutely yes, and I’m still working on it. My goal, in addition to fulfilling declutteringis to buy less and when it’s also available second hand.

So does he have a sustainable approach?

“I have become more conscious and intend to do more. In fact, I would also like to learn how to sew and give new life to old clothes.”

Have you ever indulged in moments of unrestrained shopping?

“Rampant shopping I wouldn’t say even if I had a post-teenage period where I was a victim of online shopping: convenient and too affordable.”

In your opinion, do clothes define an image, or can they send messages?

“In our profession, the expression “the dress makes the monk” is certainly important, and costume designers play a very important role in this, from the style and color palette to the choice of even the sock. Today, and we can also see it in the latest collections of designers, the dress is no longer just a piece of clothing, but is colored by different expressions, messages and attitudes.”

What is his style?

“I would say that it is very diverse, constantly evolving, mostly comfortable. I like to give life to my different and endless facets, experimenting with different combinations and styles, so today I can be one and tomorrow the opposite, and that’s just the beauty.

What is his relationship with his body?

“I only found out about my body when I started on the creative path, so it was pretty late and I had to learn to look in the mirror and accept myself.”

What is essential for you?

“Oversized T-shirt and sweatshirt because comfort is everything. Then a leather jacket, which must be strictly vintageand ankle boots perfect for every occasion.”

Do you have clothes that you will never wear?

“Apartments because they are very flat and very uncomfortable.”

Is there a stylist whose style you like?

“I just loved the work Low Roach did with Zendayaevery outfit was perfect.”

Have you ever taken clothes from someone else’s closet?

“Mom’s wardrobe is a bit like the grass next door, it’s always greener and actually prettier. I shop in her wardrobe, she always has unique and vintage pieces.”

If you were to make one crazy purchase soon, what would it be?

“Removable and reusable skates from Flaneurz to get you anywhere.”


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