“American Horror Story 12”, the official teaser of the series

A video has been released that anticipates what we will see in the 12th season of the horror series born from the genius of Ryan Murphy. The story is based on Danielle Valentine’s novel A Delicate Condition, which will be released in the US this month. It is about a woman who believes that a sinister figure is trying to jeopardize her pregnancy in the style of “Rosemary’s Baby”. The stars of this new chapter are Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne.

If you need a good chill to counter the sultry heat of these days, the cure for the heat can be found in the film’s official teaser trailer. American Horror Story 12recently appeared on the web.
Because the video, which anticipates what we will see in the twelfth season of the horror series born of the genius of Ryan Murphy, makes you tremble from the first frames.

The story of the new act of the legendary anthology television series is taken from the novel with the title delicate condition by Danielle Valentine, due out this month in the US. It is about a woman who believes that a sinister figure is trying to jeopardize her pregnancy. Rosemary’s baby.
The teaser shows very unsettling episodes that fit perfectly (and beautifully) into the stream of powerful images that this series has presented to our subconscious, forcing us to introject the worst imaginable (actually: the worst that only Murphy and his team could imagine, because the “average” viewer will certainly not reach such poetic horror).

The stars of this new chapter will be Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne. The three divas will be joined by an equally stellar supporting cast: Billie Lourd, Zachary Quinto, Denis O’Hara, Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Debra Monk, Julie White, Annabelle Dexter-Jones and Odessa A’Zion are just some of the actors who will follow each other on the set.

You can watch the official teaser of the series. American Horror Story 12 in the video at the bottom of this article.

Kim Kardashian will become the antagonist of Emma Roberts

Celebrity entrepreneur, TV presenter, social media and reality TV star Kim Kardashian will co-write a new dark fairy tale about motherhood, clearly reminiscent of the cult film of Roman Polanski. Rosemary’s baby.
An anthology of horror thrillers will hit small screens next summer, with Kim Kardashian playing veteran antagonist Emma Roberts.
Roberts is now a respectable “scream queen”, a regular face in Murphy’s productions. Emma Roberts has already filmed American Horror Story as of 2013, with coven (2013)a freak show (2014) to 1984 (2019), in which she was the absolute protagonist.

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“American Horror Story”: “Gentle” Kim Kardashian in the teaser

Kim Kardashian wanted to pursue an acting career

Going back to the Kardashians, for a while it was up in the air that the entrepreneur was determined to act. Kim lent her voice to one of the characters Paw Patrol – Movie in 2021, she’s also never kept her number one aspiration (number one, so to speak) a secret: to play a superhero, possibly in a Marvel movie. And finally, her wish came true: last Halloween, she donned the blue skin of Mystique, a mutant of the X-Men.

After all, her passion for superhero jumpsuits is projected into her eccentric wardrobe as well, given that the tight, super-skinny, and futuristic outfits from Balenciaga (the house Kim Kardashian testifies to) make her a real-life Wonder Woman (by name and on actually).

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 01: Kim Kardashian attends the Met Gala 2023 celebration "Karl Lagerfeld: beauty line" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2023 in New York.  (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)


Kim Kardashian takes acting lessons for ‘American Horror Story’

At the Met Gala 2021, Kim Kardashian may have wanted to celebrate her participation in AHS.

There are those who believe that Kim Kardashian’s outfit chosen for the Met Gala 2021 – the famous full-length black catsuit that also covers her face that has gone viral – was a tribute between the lines of the horror universe created by Ryan Murphy. about which, perhaps, he already knew that he wanted to write to her. Indeed, this slightly sado-masochistic look has winked at the many black latex BDSM-inspired costumes that dot the “Murphian” world. And by (Ryan) Murphy’s law, if something dark and creepy looks good on you (Kim’s black jumpsuit), it will look good on a movie set. American Horror Story. Who knows if we’ll see this outfit again in the twelfth season… There are those who hope so among Kim Kardashian’s millions of followers.

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American Horror Story, Cara Delevingne’s first images on set

Working with this genius Ryan Murphy remains a great honor for me.

Even if Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous women on earth, becoming a part of the Murphy series is not so easy, so from now on Kim K will be even more jealous. Many brilliant stars of the small and big screen dream of getting into the role of the “Grand Vizier of Horrors”.
For example, Jennifer Coolidge admitted in a recent interview that she dreams of being invited by the author and director for a season of her iconic thrilling show. And he has contacts with Murphy, since Coolidge worked with him in the lucky Observer. However, given the success of the actress in the sensational White Lotusprobably Ryan Murphy has something in store for her and whatnot. In the end, if there is a connoisseur of pop culture, desires, fears, myths and icons of today’s generations, it is Murphy.

Below you will find the official teaser trailer American Horror Story 12.

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Kim Kardashian to star in American Horror Story 12

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