Concern about Mona Jimenez’s health: She’s starting to have a stroke

A few minutes earlier, it was reported that Ramona Jimenez had been rushed to the intensive care unit. The foursome suffered a stroke and are currently in intensive care, Córdoba outlet El Doce reported.

“He was eating and he felt dizzy and his mouth was contorted,” the family said. After that incident, they decided to take him to the hospital, where he is now in a stable condition. According to the aforementioned media outlet, it is under active development.

In any case, the “Ramito de violetas” singer will remain hospitalized and monitored until he is out of danger. A few weeks ago, the Córdoba musician was also admitted to the intensive care unit with gastritis.

Mona Jiménez’s previous hospitalizations

Ramona Jimenez had to undergo emergency surgery a few days ago due to severe abdominal pain. After the news came out, it aroused great concern among fans. Artist’s first photo taken in hospital reassures his family

In early August, the singer’s daughter Natalia shared a touching video via social networks in which her father can be seen lying on a stretcher during recovery. In the video, you can also see how she holds the hands of the quartet of idols before they start dancing.

“Let’s dance,” he wrote in the post, and you can also see the musician performing a famous dance step he invented with his hands and has become a registered trademark at his recitals. This attitude by Ramona suggests that she has recovered and that only the serum is visible on her arm.

Another daughter of the Cordoba family, Lorena, wrote on Instagram that when she learned of her father’s illness, her reaction was: “I was in a school meeting. Alarm bells went off. I left , I’m here, I see you’re fine, gastroenteritis. Acute gastritis, popped up and ruined. But it’s not that simple, time will help us! Life drives you, we get the broken glass out. Cheers and thank you for going It’s for Pachamama. I love you”.

After this happened, the Córdoba musician took to social networks to see his family fully recovered and enjoying a family lunch with great joy.

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