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Sean Tobin is a young American who had to have part of his lung removed when he was placed on a ventilator at age 20. carburetor. In some shocking photos shared by the athlete himself, it can be seen that his organs are covered in black spots despite leading an active life and eating a healthy diet.

“It was really scary because I felt like I did it myself”The aspiring wrestler told Kennedy News and Media. “I haven’t treated my lungs the way they deserve for years”.

Tobin started vaping in 2018 when he was a teenager. Back then, I always had one on hand and used to use it with hemp and THC oil.

Despite this unhealthy habit, He didn’t expect to be adversely affected by his love for sports. He hits the gym seven times a week and hopes to become a mixed martial artist.

That all changed on July 20 when he felt a sting on his way to his electrician apprenticeship. “I felt like my back muscles were pulled”he remembers.

At first, he thought he had pneumonia, but when he went to the emergency medical center, he learned that one of his lungs had collapsed.

“The radiologist read my report and told me my lung had collapsed”Tobin said he was taken to Concord Hospital in New Hampshire, where they determined the damage was from vaping.


Doctors made an incision between her ribs and inserted a tube to expel trapped air that was squeezing her lungs and chest.

Two days later, the hole hadn’t closed, and doctors had no choice but to operate. Before the surgery, they inserted a video camera into the athlete’s chest, and the results were astonishing: His lungs were covered in black spots of carbon from the organ.

“It’s a scary thing”The athlete exclaimed. “As soon as I saw it, I was so mad at myself. I was so sad and thought, ‘Damn, I did this to my lungs.'”.

To fix his condition, they had to remove a small section of his lung and stitch it back together. They then glued the affected organ to his chest wall to prevent it from collapsing again.


Tobin was released on July 27 and has undergone a complex rehabilitation process to return to a normal life.

“I’m an MMA fighter and I’m very concerned about not being able to train more for it”he sighed. “I’m very passionate about it and I want to be able to make a living someday”.

Although doctors were confident the young man would make a full recovery, he wasn’t so convinced. Despite this, he decided to stop vaping permanently.

On the other hand, the fighter admitted that, like many youngsters, he feels “invincible” due to his age and lifestyle.

“I remember watching a TikTok video of a guy vaping with a collapsed lung and thinking, ‘This is not going to happen to me. This guy is a bum and I’m not. And then this happened. On my body.”indicated.

Now, he hopes his case will warn others of the dangers of vaping. “You never think something will happen to you until it happens”he concluded.

What are the risks of regular vaping?

  • Addiction – Since many vaping products contain nicotine, it can lead to addiction.
  • Lung damage: They can damage the lungs, causing inflammation and respiratory problems.
  • Effects on the brain: Teenagers using nicotine can interfere with brain development, affecting memory and concentration.
  • Lack of knowledge: Because e-cigarettes are relatively new, their long-term effects are not fully understood.

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