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When buying a watch, dress code is more important than ever. Nowadays, solid and massive specimens made of stainless steel can be found even at the most elegant gala evenings. However, there are sacred places where themed clothing becomes truly inevitable. Let’s take, for example, Grand Prix F1 last weekend at Monk, where celebrities gathered almost exclusively with models dedicated to racing and cars. The best of the group was Tom Holland who wore the new Carrera glass box From Tag Hoyer.

Tom Holland

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When the new Carrera debuted this year Hours and wonders, the industry’s leading trade show, I described it as another huge success for what was already the champion brand of the year. Few models live better in 2023 than Tag Hoyer Carrera which turns 60 this year. The celebration began with a limited edition re-release of the beloved silver and black version from the late 1960s. The piece worn by Tom Holland is a tribute to another vintage Carrera known as glass box With bubble glass designed to enlarge the numerals around the edge, a clever visual trick allows the watch to dispense with the bezel. In March, I got to try out the new Carrera, which makes the watch look very streamlined. Apparently the model in question arrived in Holland, who has always been a great watch collector. He wore a Cartier Tank, a Rolex Daytona and even a limited edition watch. Monaco by Tag Heuer at the 2021 F1 Grand Prix.

Nikola Jokic

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Rolex GMT-Master II by Nikola Jokic

Nikola JokicSerbian basketball player, NBA professional with i Denver Nuggets he defeats many detractors during the playoffs, including those who questioned his ability… to collect killer watches. In Game 1 of the Finals against the Miami Heat, he wore a black and blue Rolex Batman watch. Some collectors call this Batgirl model because it has the most elegant bracelet. Anniversarycompared to normal and less bright oysters.

John Mulaney

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Rolex Air King by John Mulaney

Apparently John Mulaney he finally gave himself rolex. In his latest comedy show called Baby Jaythe comedian tells a heartbreaking but hilarious story about buying and then selling a Rolex in a convoluted scheme to get drug money.
To kick his cocaine addiction, in early 2020 he called his accountant and told him, “From now on, the only way you can give me my money is by sending you an email.” This is the new rule.”

Naturally, he tried to evade his own rule at the first opportunity. “This watch, I like this particular model, I want it, please,” he told a salesman at a Rolex store on Madison Avenue. Fabricating the story of a fingerless brother, Mulaney closed the deal as quickly as he could. Shortly thereafter, he resold the watch in a shop that he remembered Sell ​​Your Watch Now New York, sell your watch now in New York. The flashback ends with a very dramatic climax: “Why don’t you show me the best way to make $6,000 in five minutes with only $12,000?”

This episode could have been a tragic end to the relationship between Mulani and Rolex, but it looks like this time the comedian got the treasured watch and kept it to himself. The understated dial of this air king Vintage seems to suit the comedian much better than the rose gold jewelry he describes on his show. Let’s hope Mulaney never uses that stainless steel watch to “turn it to dust”.

Max Verstappen

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Max Verstappen’s personalized Tag Heuer Monaco

Tag Hoyer Monaco released this skeletonized watch last week as part of three new watches. However, the newborn is not yet fresh enough to Max Verstappen who celebrated his Grand Prix victory in a modified version of the new Monaco. According to the official press release, Verstappen’s version has a red 1 on the dial indicating “his status as the best F1 driver”. The two stars indicate his two championship victories. The finishing touch is the engraving on the case back, which reads: one of one. The watch is a personal gift from Frederic ArnoCEO of Tag Heuer.

Chris Pratt

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Panerai Luminor by Chris Pratt

Brand Panerai opened a huge store in New York last Thursday evening and Chris Pratt, a longtime collector of the brand, was there to celebrate. He wore Luminorthe most emblematic model of what Panerai does best: its massive diameter is reminiscent of the big watch trend from the 90s, when the brand was first adopted by super caliber fanatics Sylvester Stallone and father-in-law Pratt, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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