Amici 22, revolution in the jury for the evening with Michele Bravi, Cristiano Malgioglio and the “surprise” Giuseppe Giofrè: this is who he is

Many surprises for the completely renewed jury of the twenty-second edition of the evening of “Friends of Maria De Filippthe”. In the place of Emanuele Filiberto, Stephen DeMartino (now the flagship face of Rai2) e Stash by The Kolors, three more judges arrive to grade and review the song and dance challenges. On the red armchairs of the Helios Studios in Rome, where on March 18 in prime time on Canale 5 the lights of the evening of “Amici 22” will come on, will sit: the singer-songwriter Michael Good, Cristiano Malgioglio (which comes after a successful year with “Such and which show” And “Such and such”) and the “surprise” Joseph Giofrè. The latter is at home to “Amici” because he won the dance circuit in the eleventh edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent show. Songwriter won that year for singing Gerardo Pulliwhich in recent years has released singles under the pseudonyms of Pablo Suzuki and Pablo America, while Alessandra Amoroso has triumphed in the parallel circuit, reserved for the “Big” of the previous years of the program.

Thanks to the victory at “Amici” in 2012, Giofrè was awarded a scholarship at the Millennium Dance in Los Angeles. Once in America, the dancer managed to pass the auditions to enter the Taylor Swift’s dance troupe, to then go on tour with the likes of Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj. The dancer was also part of the dance troupe of X Factor UK in 2012. In 2013 he recorded the single “Break”, produced by the label Non ho l’età of Mara Maionchi and Alberto Salerno. Giofrè has been part of the corps de ballet of the professionals of the Amici Evening since the twentieth edition. Then the promotion to judge.

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