Noah Schnapp’s grandfather’s reaction to coming out on TikTok

After coming out, almost parallel to that of the character portrayed in the series Stranger Things, actor Noah Schnapp shared his grandfather’s reaction to the news.

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Noah Schnapp’s Coming Out

During the last season of the series Netflix Stranger Thingsit seemed obvious to many the suspicious displeasure of Will Byers (played by the actor himself Noah Schnapp) in regards to the relationship between his best friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard) And Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). He then imagines a love interest on her part towards his friend and a coming out in the near future of production. There was indeed a coming out at the beginning of January this year, but it concerned the actor 18-year-old Noah Schnapp. On TikTokin fact, had posted a video with trending audio on the platform, and the writing (in English): “When I finally told my friends and family that I’m gay after being ‘locked in the closet’ (‘in the closet‘ is an Anglo-Saxon way of saying to refer to someone who has not yet come out, ed) and scared for 18 years, and everyone replied ‘we know it‘”. In the caption we read the irony of the actor: “In the end I’m more like Will than I thought“.

Grandpa’s reaction, shared on TikTok

Double coming out then, of the character Will and of himself; both were met with great enthusiasm and support from fans. This reception has also recently been joined by the grampa of the actor, who wrote him a very sweet message promptly shared on TikTok by Noah Schnapp. After finding out about his homosexualitytold him: “Hey Noah, today I came to know about your coming out as gay. I just want you to know that i love you the sameand that I’m glad you opened up and are yourself. Be proud of who and what you are. Iris (the grandmother, ed) and I support your honesty and ability to express your true self! I love you so much”.

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The support of the actor’s fans

After his official coming out on TikTokthe actor has also been showered with support and love from fellow actors who have accompanied him for several years on the series Stranger Thingsincluding Millie Bobby Brown, a great friend even off the set, and Finn Wolfhard, who defined himself “absolutely proud” of the young colleague.

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