Amici 22: the great return of Maria De Filippi and the exaggerations of Rudy Zerbi

After years of white teams and blue teams, of treadmills, of professors confined to the corner and of international names like Ricky Martin, it is extraordinary to see how Friends has evolved to find the perfect formula capable of making the Serale a variety worthy of a Saturday night. The formation of three teams led by three pairs of professors – a clear element of continuity with the daytime program aired in the previous months on Canale 5 – and the choice of three jurors able to compensate each other are the icing on the cake of a program that is much more than a talent show, given that Friends it has perhaps remained the only format capable of launching new talent capable of building a future on the record and dance market. Holding the reins of everything is, as always, Maria DeFilippiwho returns to prime time after the mourning that struck her with the professionalism that has always distinguished her: elegant, calm, never over the top, Maria is the perfect hostess, judge on the sidelines of a competition that is measured between notes and dance steps together with the synergy between the workers involved, from the professors who continue to stage real and presumed squabbles to the empathy of the three new judges, perhaps the most apt that Friends have ever selected.

On the one hand Giuseppe Giofrè, a professional born right among the desks of Friends twelve years ago and able to build an international career that led him to work with artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift, and on the other Michael Good, an artist who has held success in his hands not only for his talent but also for his charisma, e Cristiano Malgioglio, pop quota capable of giving the television juries a defibrillator shock, repeating ad Friends the miracle he performed a Such and Which Show. Everything fits together, everything compensates, even if the real showpiece of the program remains the youngsters who, from the first to the last correspondence displayed in large letters on the LED wall, don’t spare themselves even for a second. While the skill of students like Angelina by the team of Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo e Isobel of the team of Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano is there for all to see, others are starting to show a few too many weaknesses right in the evening. Like Piccolo G, Megan, forced to abandon the competition in the first heat, and Ndg.

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All good, therefore, even if we too have a small note: we know that certain characters must behave in a certain way because they are extremely functional to the television story, but it would be good not to always hit the same key to avoid the risk of saturation. It is the case of Rudy Zerbi, mainstay of Friends from many editions but, however, unable to get out of the cliché of the professor with a marked vis polemic even when he is clearly wrong. The constant bickering with Lorella Cuccarinithat puppet in the shape of a hen with the wigs of Cuccarini and Arisa exchanged according to the heats to be disputed and a certain contemptuous tone towards certain boys like Ndg are certainly strong television elements, but a little weak. The pattern has been repeated too many times to be believable and this is why we would advise Rudy to straighten things out, to try to act by subtraction and to surprise us: it could be the only way forward to escape the cliché and live a life of his own.

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