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September 13, 2023

“Just as quickly as a bobsleigh pendulum can swing toward the divine, it can just as easily fall into troubling territory,” concludes Dania Issawi. Slice the question of the bob, or rather, what you call “bobmania,” the bob epidemic that first hit Hollywood and has been spreading among “normal people” for several months now. Patient zero of this wave, identified by Issawi, would be Zendaya, who on December 18, 2022 (the date also remembered) appeared with an unexpected bob, starting a trend that appeared in 2023 on the heads of actresses (Jenna Ortega in the Golden Globe, Eva Longoria in Cannes, Hailey Bieber in New York) or their characters (Shiv Roy in Continuity, a passage which Issei retitles “Don’t Fuck With Me”). And yet, in August, we all witnessed the other side of the coin: Kim Kardashian’s too-edgy haircut in a Skims ad that went viral because it was mocked on TikTok amid comparisons to Willy Wonka (“but shouldn’t Timothée Chalamet play him?”) and a new nickname: “Lord Kimquad”.


#greenscreen #kimkardashian #thekardashians #kardashians Does Kim Kardashian look like Willy Wonka with her new bob?

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Many other names have been created on Twitter to refer to the different types of beans found in nature. There is simply a bob that rests noticeably, but not excessively, on the head and adapts to the wearer’s personality. There is the “Fuck-Ass Bob”, a bob that works too well, too perfectly and successfully (the origin of this term is thought to come from someone’s comment about Kat’s bob from Euphoria, defined specifically as the hated asshole Bob). Finally, there’s the asshole Robert. Asshole Robert is a particularly intimidating, deranged, or just plain awful bob (think Claire’s haircut in Fleabagwho also went down in history thanks to his desperate comment: “I look like a pencil”).

But the phrase that needs to be emphasized and imprinted in memory appears precisely at this point in the article. Issei writes: “It would be wise for us common people to look away from what celebrities and dreamers do with their hair.” Unfortunately, not everyone managed to do this. On TikTok, the hashtag “bob” has over 1 billion views. Almost no one is satisfied, in most cases we are talking about mistakes and regrets: most often they compare Lord Farquaad and Dora the Explorer.

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