Among the Waves of Hawaii, Paradise 1 Movie: Plot, Cast, Locations

Rai 1 offers a movie Among the waves of Hawaii. Set in an archipelago of paradise, the film tells the story of a woman who, at the crossroads of her life, rediscovers her love of cooking and herself through a surf instructor.

For cycle Appointment of love, Paradise 1 broadcasts a sentimental film on August 2 in a TV premiere Among the waves of Hawaii. Director Lee Feedlander and plays Lacey Chabert And Hector Rivera, tells the story of chef Emma, ​​who travels to Hawaii after a personal and professional setback. And it is here that she meets Ben, a charming and lonely surf instructor whose lessons help her regain her lost balance.

Plot of the film

Hallmark Channel production film Rai 1 Among the waves of Hawaii based on a book by Kathy Lee and, compared to other similar productions, it seems to be as realistic as possible and less fabulous. It all starts with Emma (Lacey Chabert) working as a chef at her boyfriend Garrett’s (Darren Darnborough) restaurant. One day, a well-known gastronomic critic appears at the restaurant, who, after evaluating the food, says compliments: Garrett, however, takes all the credit for cooking, and Emma feels humiliated both personally and professionally.

After parting ways with Garrett, Emma decides to move to Hawaii to live with her Aunt June (Tracey Yamamoto). And it is here that she meets Ben (Héctor Rivera), a surf instructor, whom she asks if he would like to give her lessons. But between class and class, the call of the kitchen is strong: Frankie (Omar Bustamante), a friend of her aunt, actually invites Emma to enter a cooking competition for a TV show. It’s a pity, however, that one of the competition’s judges is Garrett, who immediately notices the attraction between his ex-girlfriend and the instructor.

Based on the movie Paradise 1 Among the waves of Hawaii continues, Emma and Ben open up to each other. Both share the pain of losing a loved one: a mother to Emma and a wife to Ben, among other reasons the young man stopped surfing. And both struggle with guilt. When the worst happened, Ben was surfing and missed 30+ calls alerting him to his wife’s car accident while Emma was supposed to join her parents in Hawaii but canceled the trip at the last minute just before mother had a heart attack. .

Rai 1 original movie poster Among the waves of Hawaii.

Two main characters

The protagonist of the film Paradise 1 Among the waves of Hawaii like Emma Lacey Chabert. An American actress originally from Mississippi, she made her mark at a very young age, playing the role of Erica Kane’s daughter in a soap opera. pine valley, aired until the 1990s on Mediaset networks. But the impetus for fame was given to her by the role of a partner in the film. Mean Girls, along with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Longtime Hallmark movie queen, she’s been married since 2013 and had her first daughter in 2016.

Ben instead has a face Hector RiveraPuerto Rican actor who recently won multiple awards for his role as Hispanic singer Daniel Santos in the film. Last tour. Also seen in the series fantasy island AND Maritime Police Expansionhis career took off after Jennifer Lopez chose him as one of the lead singers of an American television show. K’Viva! Chosen One, viewed by more than 30 million viewers. With an honors degree in digital design, he is also an accomplished artist whose paintings have also been bought by the likes of Oliver Stone and Benicio del Toro.

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