ANA clarifies that water outage in Lima has nothing to do with water shortages in the Rimac River Basin

One water expert noted that this year it will average 128 million cubic meters, which will allow us to meet current needs and help prepare reserves for 2024. (Andina)

announcement water cut Drinkable, programmed sedapal The differentiated approach adopted by several regions of Lima, starting Friday, October 6, has nothing to do with the shortage in the Rimac river basin, clarifies National Water Authority (ANA)an organization affiliated with the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagri).

“The water outages announced are not related to water shortages in the area. rimak river“On the contrary, water is guaranteed to meet the needs of the population until the end of the year,” said Engineer Abner Zavala, technical secretary of the ANA’s Water Resources Committee for the Maklurin Basin in Chillon.

He added that every year, National Water Resources Information System Observatory It monitors the amount of water stored in the upper part of the lagoon, which includes Lima’s 22 protected areas.

ANA representatives urged people to use water resources responsibly. (Andes)

“What we store in this day and age rain to the upper parts of these dams and then, starting in May, to release according to the needs of population and agricultural use, with an average of 130 million cubic meters expected to be retained as reserves by November 30 each year; we are right on that line,” he reported .

“This year we will reach an average of 128 million cubic meters, which will meet current demand and help prepare reserves for next year,” he said.

Furthermore, he called on citizens to use water resources responsibly, adopting good practices such as collect water Used for washing vegetables or tubers, watering plants or cleaning toilets, as well as collecting rainwater for irrigation, cleaning machinery and agricultural facilities.

ANA water experts added that they monitor the amount of water stored in the upper part of the lagoon year after year.

By regulation, ANA exercises technical specification leadership and establishes procedures for the integrated, sustainable and multi-sector management of aerospace systems. water resources For the benefit of water users and the people at large.

For Fernando Neyra, a professor in the environmental engineering program at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC), lack of moisture This is a growing problem in Lima, with alarming statistics released by the National Health Services Regulatory Authority (Sooners) illustrates a worrying reality for thousands of families in the city.

“Currently, in Peru, 1.5 million people are without water services, and to this we must add that at least 378,000 citizens are without vital liquids,” he said in his latest opinion column. peru information network.

Experts warn that a lack of adequate infrastructure to efficiently store and distribute water is a glaring problem.

Experts say that water waste and pollution are serious factors leading to water waste. water shortage. Furthermore, he asserted that lack of water awareness and improper practices are also key reasons for the problem.

“The pollution of rivers and water sources seriously affects their availability and quality, making it more difficult to face shortages. The water needed to prevent diseases is important in preventing the following diseases: Coronavirus disease or other diseases, shortages of which could increase respiratory infections, hepatitis A and other diseases such as cholera,” he noted.

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