Angelina Jolie, new allegations against Brad Pitt

Divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt this turns out to be longer and more complex than expected. Seven years after the announcement separation The history of the historic Hollywood couple continues the fallout from an endless legal battle that involves more than just child custody or fair share of vacation days with their respective parents. Since last year, the Château Miraval winery, bought by the two actors jointly in 2011 and sold in 2022 to Jolie without the consent of her ex-husband, who now claims the practice is invalid, has also been in contention.

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Brad Pitt disputes the sale of his stake in Château Miraval to his ex-wife.

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Angelina Jolie, new allegations against Brad Pitt

The connection between actor and property would be emotional as well as economic, given Pitt’s emotional investment in activities such as viticulture, to which he would devote himself with passion. The version has been refuted in recent days by Angelina’s lawyers, who ridicule Pitt by bringing into the courtroom the words of their client, denying her actual involvement in business management. While the Academy Award for Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood he has always defined himself as a gentleman farmer actively involved in the running of the estate, his ex-wife has filed legal papers in which the actor’s ambitions are drastically reduced. In addition to tilling the land, Brad at best “visited the vineyards to admire the work of the French laborers who actually did the work.”

“Now I’m a farmer,” Pitt, 59, explained to the Wine Spectator in 2014. “I love learning about the land and which field is best for which grapes, the drama of September and October: Are we harvesting today? sugar level? How is the acidity? Will it rain? For me, it was school.” And in the free months, after the harvest, he claimed to take care of the land himself: “I like to clean the forest and walk in the fields.” It is a pity that this version is at odds with the latest statements of the actress: “Pitt is an actor, not a winemaker. He deals with illusions, not dirt and grapes“, says the documents cited Page six. “In the years he allegedly ‘built’ the business, he appeared in and starred in dozens of films, not to mention countless publicity appearances, flying around the world to movie premieres and attending Hollywood parties.” A completely incompatible obligation with grape growing, which instead requires a stable presence on the site and constant care.

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Angelina and Brad got married in 2014.

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But Angelina’s words don’t end there. In fact, it looks like Pitt “looted” the company, spending millions of dollars in profits on frivolous projects, including refurbishing the recording studio. accusations followed by a legal allegation that Pitt owed their client’s holding company $350 million. Not that money is a pressing issue for this former multi-millionaire couple. The €35 million French estate where the couple married on August 23, 2014 has clearly become a matter of honor that neither is willing to negotiate.

Angelina Jolie rents Basquiat’s former atelier in New York.

Meanwhile, the interpreter of Lara Croft devotes himself to numerous activities parallel to the cinema. Not only her well-known interest in activism, but also her work to promote the arts with new brand Atelier Jolieborn to encourage the activity of new creative people, creating a community of designers, craftsmen and tailors from all over the world, which will be based in Manhattan, at 57 Great Jones Street in New York, in a loft that was inJean-Michel Basquiat studio apartment. Here the artist lived for five years visiting Andy Warhol, until his death from an overdose, and here the actress determined the headquarters of her new project.

After a pop-up exhibition of some of the most famous writers of the 70s took place in 2018, thirty years after the artist’s death, the space of about 2,000 square meters returned to the market again last year and, months away, we learn that the new tenant at $60,000 a month is Jolie. As the actress herself noted, nothing in the three-story building will be replaced or changed in honor of Basquiat. “It’s a privilege to be in this space. We will do our best to respect and honor your legacy as an artist with community and creativity.” And from Manhattan, the vineyards of France now seem like a distant memory.

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