Anne Hathaway face of Shiseido Vital Perfection campaign

Shiseido announces its global partnership with the Academy Award-winning actress Ann Hataway For life perfectionline of anti-aging skin care.

With the slogan “Potential has no age”, Shiseido intends to encourage its consumers to appreciate the times they live in, to try new things, to choose wellness. Potential is, in fact, the power of the future, which we can use now to live life to the fullest. Potential is always available, and we can always use it, regardless of the stage of life. Just as we can love our current skin, we can take care of our future skin, highlights the creativity of the brand’s campaign.

Thus, starting in September, Anne Hathaway becomes the main character. the author’s film Shiseido, shot by the famous duo of photographers and fashion directors Luigi and Yango.


In Italy, the campaign is planned Dentsu television, print and digital.

“Ms. Hathaway has earned ever-increasing respect throughout the world through her career as an actress and her many talents; but it is her sophistication, resilience, and respectful eye for inner and outer beauty that make her the perfect ambassador for life’s perfection,” he said. speaks Shiho Nagasaka, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications for Shiseido.

“When we talked about the concept, discussed the idea behind it – and during the shoot itself – we were constantly talking about the concept of potential and how important it is to appreciate it for yourself and to believe that the potential of a person is always present where it was before. . “The present and the future meet,” Anne Hathaway said of the campaign. “Inspiration is everywhere: in the light, in the air, in touch, in music, in words, in silence, in each other, within us. Of course, life can become overwhelming and there are always reasons to close… But if we can remember to appreciate the true beauty that surrounds us and seek it, breathe it when it appears, we will remain open to the reality that also exists within. us. I hope this movie will make people think about their potential.”

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