Pirates of the Caribbean and Disney approve Craig Mazin’s script (Chernobyl, The Last of Us)

Against all odds Disney approved the script Craig Mazin for the new movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Franchise in recent years went through a lot, including the negative response reserved for the fifth chapter of 2017.”The dead don’t talkand dismissal from Disney Johnny Depp due to the latter’s legal troubles, from which he subsequently emerged victorious.

However, all of this did not bode well for the continuation of the franchise, which seemed to be approaching an inevitable tipping point despite the confirmation of a female spin-off starring Margot Robbie (the project is currently on hold).

To add fuel to the fire, he came writers’ strike in May, followed by a cast (still in progress), and speaking of pirates, it’s appropriate to say “the waters aren’t calm at all.” Despite this, it seems that the project has excellent prospects for a restart with the sixth chapter.

Disney actually approved the script by Craig Mazin, whose pen had the opportunity to establish itself as a guarantee with Chernobyl (2019) and recent Last of usboth series registered HBO extension. As for the re-employment – and therefore the return – of Johnny Depp, in light of the positive outcome of the process against his ex-wife Amber Heard, nothing is certain yet.

However, it is clear to everyone that, despite all attempts, the franchise still would not be the same without an extravagant captain. The producer of the saga, Jerry Bruckheimer himself, seemed very hopeful for his presence, but did not exaggerate the weight that his role could carry.

Would you like to view Capt. Jack Sparrow again at the helm of the Black Pearl?

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