Argentina is approved by OMSA: it is a bird flu-free country and will be able to resume exports

World Animal Health Commercial Birds.

The approval comes again in Argentina after a series of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks were detected on commercial farms, poultry and backyards.

The verification and release of Argentina’s health status report allowed the country to restore export markets that were closed due to the disease. It is worth noting that poultry meat exports will exceed USD 400 million in 2022, ranking it tenth among the top exporting countries. In egg production, only 3% of the total production is exported.

The first case of the disease was detected in Salta last February, leading the country to temporarily suspend exports of poultry farmed products. In total, two million poultry were slaughtered in various sanitation operations and thousands of consignments of eggs were confiscated.

Since June this year, no new poultry outbreaks have been found across the country.

In any case, Senasa clarified that the state of health emergency remains in force through the implementation of epidemiological surveillance and prevention tasks throughout the country

“It is important to remember that avian influenza is a notifiable disease in our country and anyone who experiences death, neurological, digestive and/or respiratory symptoms in wild or poultry can notify the institution”. Senasa.

The alert hotline in case of suspicious situations is as follows: Go to the nearest Senasa office in person and call 11 5700 5704; pass Mobile device application “Senasa Notifications”, available on the Play Store; write to email or via the “Notify Senasa” section on their website. More information on the Avian Influenza microsite. (DIB) ACR

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