Madonna: 65 years old star and icon of world pop music

Long before social media existed, she was the first global star. Madonna celebrates her 65th birthdaybirthday.

Maria Luisa Ciccone has always sparked controversy. V 1989 in the moment “llike a prayerThe Vatican condemned the video, and many Catholics staged violent protests against images of the black saint descending from the cross.

Louise Veronica Ciccone, for everyone since the Madonna of the 80swas born in Bay City, Michigan on August 16, 1958. Queen of pop, provocateur, undisputed star of the music industry.

V 1983 – her debut album “Madonna”. it was already a success. She was the third of five other siblings: Paula, Christopher, Melanie, Anthony, Martin.

V 1963, she was only 5 years old when her mother died very young., only 30 years old, from breast cancer. Then the father remarried and gave birth to two more children: Mario and Jennifer Ciccone.

V her career is music, film, where she has appeared 22 times, among which Avoid AND Desperately looking for Susan AND letter. She is the author of 30 works, including several photobooks and children’s books.

Madonna she is also known for her activism: he founded the Raising Malawi Association and is a permanent supporter of over 30 non-profit associations.

Her love life is tumultuous, with 23 semi-official ex-boyfriends. Among them are Michael Jackson and possibly John F. Kennedy Jr. Two weddings: with Sean Penn from 1985 to 1989 and with Guy Ritchie from 2000 to 2008.

At a charity auction in Miami, she put her ex-husband up for sale: “I would go back with him for $150,000, I still love.”

Today, she appears to have recovered just in time to celebrate the dreaded bacterial infection that landed her in intensive care:I’m lucky that I’m alive“, he wrote, thanking “love of family and friends” What “this is the best medicine”.

Only the train seems to world tour postponed by seven months which was supposed to start in the coming weeks and which, instead, would have to wait to leave.

Madonna has sold 64 million albums and over 250 million singles in the US and over 300 million albums worldwide.

Many titles: from an anthology”Something to remember” To “A ray of light” (who earn her several awards), from “Music” (album hasAmerican Pie”, (soundtrack to The Next Best Thing with Rupert Eperette) at its best “GHV2”from “American Life” to “Cconfession on the dance floor.

And more from “I’ll tell you a secret” from “Lollipop” (whose single “four minutesduet with “Justin Timberlake celebrating Madonna’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) on the compilation “Holiday”.

Other titles»MDNA”, “Rebel Heart”,Madame X” remix album”Enough Love at Last: 50 Number One” summer 2022.

V In 1992 he founded the Maverick company.which includes the label Maverick Records.

He also created fashion design, children’s books, health centers and movie theaters. He also collaborates with several charities. and founded the charities Ray of Light and Raising Malawi. In the African country, Madonna adopted four children.

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