‘Arguing with your mother’ – Michael Jordan and LeBron James join top three all-time former Warriors stars; Stephen Curry sidelined

Former NBA champion Stephen Jackson has revealed his top three players in NBA history. “Stack” shared an image on Instagram, which features Michael Jordan in front and Kobe Bryant and LeBron James behind him. Jackson reminded his followers that he fought against three legends.

Stephen Jackson had a 14-year NBA career but was never selected to an All-Star team. The debate over the best player of all time has raged in recent months, in part because James is nearing the end of his career and also because it’s the offseason.

“Three of the best ever. MJ Bean Kang. That sequence. Argue with your mom, she already has it,” Jackson posted. It’s an honor to say that I shared the court with all 3 players. “

The debate over James and Michael Jordan has raged for more than a decade. Both players have their own fans who consider them the best players in history. Jackson had a unique perspective facing the legend and Kobe Bryant.

As a result, Jackson’s perspective carries more weight because he experienced their greatness firsthand and can describe in detail the nuances that made each player great.

Stephen Curry misses out on Stephen Jackson’s top three list

Stephen Jackson removed Stephen Curry from his list of the three greatest players of all time. Earlier this summer, Curry sparked a debate among fans by calling himself the greatest point guard of all time due to Magic Johnson’s stellar career.

However, when we look at the impact on the game of basketball, Curry tops the list. The veteran sharpshooter helped usher in a new era of analytics-focused basketball as teams and front offices began to place a greater emphasis on the three-point shot.

The league’s realignment has given rise to a new wave of third-level scorers, including big men who can knock down three at a league-average rate.

In fact, the league average three-point shooting percentage has also increased. Curry wasn’t entirely responsible for the NBA’s growth, but his presence helped speed things along.

However, Jackson’s post was about the greatest player of all time, not the most influential player. LeBron James and Michael Jordan are clearly one to two, no matter how you look at it. From there, the third spot was the “Dealer’s Choice,” and Jackson selected Kobe Bryant.

Stephen Jackson is now a successful podcast host

After retiring from the NBA, Stephen Jackson co-hosts the “All The Smoke” podcast with Matt Barnes.

The show has become one of the most famous basketball podcasts in the world, regularly featuring elite guests ranging from players to coaches and even pop culture figures.

So as Jackson and Barnes continue to make waves in the media industry, we’ll likely hear Jackson talk about his top three choices in the next episode.

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