Ariana Grande Announces Divorce Ended With Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande Announces Divorce Ended With Dalton Gomez

It’s official: Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are breaking up. The pop star filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court after two years of marriage.

During this turbulent sentimental period for many celebrities international, another one appears wedding at the final stop. After Sophie Turner, Hugh Jackman AND Britney Spears…it’s time Ariana Grande. World famous singer officially wrote the last word in my love story with Dalton Gomez, got married in May 2021. Which causes who brought it pair to such a radical solution? Tabloids People AND TMZ they tried to reveal them.

The 30-year-old pop star hasn’t released any declaration at the moment relative to yours private life. However, sources very close to Big it’s in Gomez information leaked to the press that Laura Wasser, advocate by Ariana, submitted legal application for divorce to court Los Angeles. There CNN reported that among causes supposedly it would be normal “irreconcilable differences“. It is not known what these differences are. At least not with certainty. Gomez agreed to the request.

There are rumors that wedding among the voices Thanks, next and the real estate agent was in a crisis for some time now and even this Ariana and Dalton Yes they were left in January 2023. In any case, the former spouses would have remained in a good relationship. Both decided to deal with this bitter chapter amicably. attitudefor the sake of the respect and respect they have for each other.

Ariana Grande is getting a divorce, rumor has it she’s already moved out

In January, when Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grandand they will understand that their wedding it was hopeless, the singer flew away London. Since then he has been in the British capital, occupied resumed film Wicked, film adaptation of the famous musical. Former Husband, on the contrary, he never left Los Angeles. There are those who claim to remain divided has negatively affected them for so long connection, not to mention it dealt him the final blow. A hypothesis, which, however, does not stand up to criticism, since I couple problems they will precede the cinematic commitment.

In short, the focus has shifted from investigating the causes break to another scoopobviously sharper. Arianarumor has it that it wouldn’t have taken much time sooner Turn the page and start something new connection. On the set Wicked, Big met Ethan Slaterco-star movie. Over time, something more than just a relationship between colleagues arose between them. It is not surprising that recently Slater asked divorce his wife Lilly Jay, his college sweetheart and mother sonBorn in 2022. No confirmation. official the fact that Slater screwed up wedding because I’m in love with Ariana Grande. However, if two pieces of evidence are not proof, two divorces they come very close.

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