Ariana Grande Single Again: Divorce From Dalton Gomez Soon

The couple broke up in January last year, and according to sources close to the singer, a final farewell will now be inevitable.

Pop star and actress Ariana Grande she became single again after two years of marriage with Dalton GomezThe 27-year-old real estate agent whom the pop icon married on May 15, 2021 after an eleven-month relationship.

Ariana Grande has not been married since January.

The news suddenly exploded in these hours after a 30-year-old man who has been busy filming a musical in recent months Wicked released in two parts between 2024 and 2025, she was immortalized in London during the Wimbledon final without her wedding ring. Caution was confirmed by sources close to the couple, according to whom Ariana and Dalton would have broken up in January last year..

The former couple remained on good terms

“They did it quietly and are now lovingly working on their friendship,” insiders told the magazine. People. A person close to the former couple revealed some of the details of the announcement Entertainment tonightexplaining that Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez relationship she was always a little rowdy: “They always had a hard time finding time for each other, and their friends were always convinced that this story would soon be over.”

Divorce is not far off

.tmz extension investigated the matter and confirmed, again through sources close to those directly involved, that separation will inevitably lead to divorce“They’ve remained friends and talk regularly, but their relationship has definitely soured.”

Silence of direct participants

Neither Ariana Grande nor Dalton Gomez made public comments, continuing maintain maximum confidentiality which has always characterized the relationship with the real estate agent, who appeared in several frames posted by the pop star on Instagram over the past two years. Ariana Grande, previously linked to Pete Davidson and before that rapper Mac Miller, who died prematurely in 2018, has always been very secretive about her relationship, in contrast to the huge interest that gossip magazines have always given to her acquaintances.

Ariana Grande’s future in film

The 30-year-old is currently enjoying a London holiday with fellow actor Jonathan Bailey, the star of Bridgerton who will be among the main characters of the film along with Ariana Grande WickedBased on the Broadway musical of the same name. Together with them in the film there will be more Cynthia Erivo, Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Yeoh.

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