Artist Johnny Depp puts his first self-portrait up for sale

lor just presented and immediately on sale,self-portrait by Johnny Deppactor, musician and artist, is called “Five” and is still the most personal of his works.

Johnny Depp is celebrating his 60th birthday with a concert as fans sing

Johnny Depp is celebrating his 60th birthday with a concert as fans sing

The picture, as the actor-artist said, was born in the workshop of his close friend Ralph Steadman. in 2021 when he joined the fifth year of a difficult period in his life. Creating a work was a way for him healing through creativity.

In 2023, Depp returned to work and revised it. after reflecting on the original composition, introducing additional embellishments. And after years of keeping Five a secret, it was the artist who decided to share it with the world.

Johnny Depp signs his work “Five”. Photo: Elliot Nyman

this job, Depp’s first self-portrait follows the hugely successful series formerly titled Friends and Heroesand it will be placed on sale today at 19 Italian time (at 17:00 GMT) for only 13 days (a symbolic number for the artist) at £1950/$1950/€2500 per and in their galleries in the UK.

For every print sold $200 will go directly to Mental Health America.Charitable organizationpublic non-profit dedicated to the promotion of mental health, well-being and the prevention of mental illness.

“Five” offers a unique personal insight into Johnny’s innermost feelings and emotions.. The work is deliberately intimate and expresses the character and emotional state of the sitter at the time. Reference image that inspired ‘Five’ pays homage photograph taken for Christian Dior Parfums in 2015.. The photo was used to announce Depp as the face Dior Sauvage photographed by French photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Johnny chose this particular look in honor of Dior and the loyalty they have always shown to him.

The work “Five”, a self-portrait of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp about his work

In a video interview posted on Youtube, Johnny Depp says, “I did this at Ralph Steadman’s studio around 2021.” The self-portrait was created at a time when the actor was “let’s say a little dark a little confusing”, however recently the artist “looked at him and I don’t know why I thought he needed something else, more information, when I felt the need to write, basically, a countdown of the years.”

Job title. “Five” comes from “I was about to enter the fifth year of madness.”reference to the portrait “this is a photo taken for Dior by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, he has big eyes, and the most fantastic thing about his pictures is the eyes (…) you see something behind the eyes (…) it is a painful process, but it was incredible if you can read something in the eyes that can affect you, if it can have any effect, others will see some Truth.

Compared to making a self-portrait, Johnny Depp explains that “it’s not the easiest thing to do, even if somehow all you do is self-portrait. I used to sit in front of the mirror all day long, in different lighting, from different angles” and adds: “I appreciate portraits of people that are really realistic, like a photograph, but (…) it takes expression to show what this figure represents to you.

Regarding the sale, Depp elaborates that “for every print sold, $200 will go directly to Mental Health America.” a wonderful remedy and an exceedingly worthy causeand that they do a great job there, so yes, $200 for each print will go to them.”


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