3 Brutal Facts About Pool Water You Shouldn’t Be Reading

Whether the sea is far away, or it’s all around you, but you prefer a dip in the urbanization’s pool, or a dip in the slides of the hotel’s water park, it’s hard not to succumb to every feeling.summer to a Refreshing in the pool. what is? You might even be reading this in the pool. You might wrinkle your nose before your next dive, and your nose will grow more silent as we tell you the truth behind the pool water.because Chlorine doesn’t always solve all problems.

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What is hidden in the pool water?

he chlorine swimming pool fight bacteria, bacteria and others microorganismbut you can do little to remove residual Urine, stool and poisonous Sunscreens present in swimming pool water. Let’s look at some somewhat eschatological data.


It’s not just kids peeing in poolsthis adults too scientific research proves it Sweetener E-950 (found in many of the foods we eat) is informer Urine in the swimming pool. By draining it unmodified, it’s easy to calculate how many people urinate in the water.

turn out in the olympic pool there is one half of 225 liters of urine and in Jacuzzi the number is three times. The worst is not over yet, as researchers confirmed that uric acid in urine releases the following when it comes in contact with chlorine: Trichloramine or Cyanogen chloride, This can cause respiratory problems, damage to the heart and central nervous system.


If urine is insignificant to you, you will be speechless when you know the data posted on the blog medical daily This indicates each bather leave one Water contains an average of 0.14 grams of feces in their the first take a bath for fifteen minutes pool boy

how so?uh, see Not everyone knows how to clean themselves there after going to the bathroom they don’t wash their hands either.Not everyone is guilty because they were found too guano and Rodents In the public pool.

Plastic is the least of your concerns when you’re bathing in a public pool. Image: saturated_


Apart from Urinethis stool and sweat In summer, any swimming pool is indispensable cosmetic chemicals.he cosmetiche Deodorantthis Colognehe shampoo and conditioner Among the most polluted are: sunscreen. The best thing to do is make your own sunscreen and all the makeup you can.

there is one The secret to knowing if your pool water is cleanbecause at first glance they all look like paradise waters, but if you feel strong chlorine smell, salt on the legs,because chlorine when you have correct measurement yes toilet. yes there is smell means they mistakenly added more quantity try cover up dirt.

What’s more, don’t think chlorine is a cure-all eraser bacteria and parasitebecause some species like Cryptosporidiumhe Adenovirus and protozoa Giardia they can live in peace Up to ten days in chlorinated water Dying provocation acute gastroenteritis anyone Conjunctivitis Ruin holidays.

Whatto do So don’t give up swimming in the pool? consciousness.shower with Soap and Rinse well before entering waterwash your hands well hand and privacy section after going to the bathroom don’t go Go to a public pool if you have one otitis, acute gastroenteritis anyone Conjunctivitis. Take a good shower when you leave.

you have one private pool at home?If you bring water, it doesn’t eliminate water pollution guest or you have children and pet at home.To avoid surprises, always take Precautions And maintain sanitation and chlorination measures.

If after reading this you don’t feel like swimming in the pool (sorry! that’s the price of truth), head to Catalonia’s most spectacular bay.

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