Who is the ex-wife of Alessandro Cecchi Paone, all about Cristina E. Navarro: age, children, work

Cristina E. Navarro is the ex-wife of Alessandro Cecchi Paone. who has been admitting for several years that he is a homosexual. The wedding was played in 2001, and the story ended immediately after the recognition of the famous conductor. E. in its name means Espinoza and confirms its Iberian origin. In fact, the woman was born in Zaragoza and spent her entire childhood in Spain. We don’t know her much because she’s not part of the entertainment world and hasn’t seen much on the small screen.

It looks like they met in Spain, the country where Cristina was born, in 1993. The conductor went to live there after graduation, and love suddenly broke out between them in a university environment. They lived together for ten years, until in 2003 Alessandro had to admit to being homosexual. Cecchi Paone also explained how, after the decision to leave, he experienced difficult moments in order to then restore relations and today they are friends.

Cristina E. Navarro, what do we know about Alessandro Cecchi Paona’s ex-wife

Alessandro Cecchi Paone has always loved his ex-wife Cristina E. Navarro, for this he clarified that it was not very easy to admit to homosexuality. Today the woman found love again and got married again. We also saw her as a guest at Isola dei Famosi 2023 to support Alessandro by showing a good attitude.

In the love story, no children were born between them. Today, Alessandro, along with Simone Antolini, has expressed his desire to become a father several times, but to no avail due to restrictive Italian laws. However, he informed La Zanzara that he would not resort to a surrogate mother. A choice that has generated much discussion in other contexts as well. Today it seems that both parties are very happy.

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