Pedro Almodóvar after Western dreams of action in Paris

Pedro Almodovar

As soon as the summer ends and the next Venice Film Festival 80 (scheduled from August 30 to September 9) comes to an end, it will be possible to fully or almost completely wait for the next expected projects Pedro Almodovar. First of all, a short film presented at Cannes. Strange way of life (release date here), but first of all, what’s next… Between the start of filming new project and a recognized attempt to resist action film to be filmed in Paris.

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Interviewed Radio Francejust in time for the release of the western Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascalthese were the words of the Spanish director himself:

“I would really like to make a film in Paris, in French, I love your capital, along with Rome, this is the most visited city for cinema. There are some of your actors and actresses that I would like to put in front of my camera…”

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It’s been over 20 years since filming Talk to her (precisely in Paris in June 2001), so returning to Wil Lumiere for Manchego, who seven years ago,” he adds, “wanted to devote himself to the film adaptation of a novel by Pierre Lemaitre.”victims“without securing their rights.

“I tried to get the rights, but they were taken away – He said. – There hasn’t been a movie based on this novel yet, maybe I’ll find a way to do it myself. I’ve never made action films, so that would be interesting.”.

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discarded victimscanceled adaptation Guide for cleaners Lucia Berlin (in Italy as “The Woman Who Wrote Stories”), it seems that Almodovar will not be filming in Octoberas expected, but later. Even in March 2024, when it should finally turn it first English language feature film, between New York and Spain (for some interior scenes in November).

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