As at the national level, “Formosa also sees significant increase in COVID-19 cases” – Agenfor

Outlining the current situation in the province, the director of epidemiology confirmed that “the number of infections has quadrupled in the past two weeks”.

With the emergence of a new subvariant of Ómicron, positive cases of COVID-19 are increasing again worldwide, including in Argentina, where two cases have been detected: one in the province of Buenos Aires and the other in Córdoba. .

In the current situation, in a statement collected by the Formosa News Agency (AGENFOR), Dr. Claudia Rodríguez, director of epidemiology of the province, revealed that at the national level there has been a slight increase in positive cases, “which is also the case in Formosa. For the past two weeks.”

That compares with “previously, the province had averaged five to eight positive cases per week,” and two weeks ago, “we had 32 cases, and for the week ending Saturday, the 19th, 121 positive cases,” he said. “Significant increase”.

Although he clarified that because of what was happening in other parts of the country, “we expected it,” in the sense that he noted: “We actually quadrupled the number of positive cases.”


“With that in mind, what we have to do is, on the one hand, take precautions” to “prevent us from getting COVID-19 and other respiratory infections like flu, bronchiolitis or pneumonia,” he noted.

He even recalled that “not so long ago, we had more cases of flu,” but “today, COVID-19 replaced it again.”

Regarding preventive measures such as keeping distance, washing hands frequently with alcohol gel, ventilating the environment, and using chin straps, he noted that “the use of chin straps is recommended in enclosed places and places with a large number of people.” Even ventilation and keeping distance cannot satisfy people. needs”.

In this case, he asks for it because he knows that the chin strap “is one of those measures that people don’t want to comply with because it’s something we’ve had for a long time,” but otherwise stresses that “it’s It is a very good physical prevention barrier.”

On the other hand, when asked by Fides if there were any patients hospitalized, she confirmed that “intensive care is indeed present” but that “it is progressing well and there are no complications leading to death”.

He added: “This was a week or two ago and there are currently two people in the room who are hospitalized.”


Therefore, in view of this contagious situation, in order to prevent further deterioration of the disease, he insisted that in addition to other measures that help to “prevent the spread of the virus”, the population needs to be vaccinated, thereby reducing the “possibility of infection”. be infected. “

He went on to say, “In people over the age of 50 with underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure or obesity, the situation can become more complicated.”

Therefore, to prevent this from happening, he stressed that prevention is fundamentally about vaccination, and informed that, to be precise, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends booster shots every six months, “regardless of the amount” administered. dose”.

That is, “if more than six months have elapsed since the last dose, you must be vaccinated again”; the official confirmed that even if “you are not in a risk group, at least if you are more than six months old, You should still get booster doses.”


Therefore, “people have to check their vaccination card again and go to any health center or hospital closest to home to get vaccinated” because “all vaccination centers in the province are working, including de La Familia,” he noted, located in Avenida González Lelong 645.

So, “people can go to either of these: through the Director of National Intelligence, if they have a vaccination card, that’s even better, but if not, they can still get vaccinated without hindrance,” he made clear, noting that ” Notes are in order of arrival, so you don’t have to make an appointment and all vaccines are available.”

On the issue, he also said that “because we have had a low number of positive cases recently, we have relaxed and the perception of risk has gone away” which has added to the health of the province, which makes “he noted,” Very few people have been hospitalized” and “we’ve only had one death so far this year”.

Finally, Dr. Rodriguez emphasized the importance of “complete the vaccination program” and “know that defenses will weaken over time”.

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