MonsterVerse, the cinematic future (and more) of the Godzilla and King Kong universe

All projects arriving at Legendary Pictures MonsterVerse are bigger and more transmedial and ready to surprise fans of the big screen’s most beloved giant monsters. We talk about it in our in-depth analysis.

MonsterVerse, the cinematic future (and more) of the Godzilla and King Kong universe

The next one is 2024. MonsterVerse Legendary Pictures brand turns 10 years old. It was actually released in 2014. Godzilla Gareth Edwards, the first American film to focus on the legendary Japanese kaiju after sixteen years of neglect due to Roland Emmerich’s too Jurassic vision of $160 1998, Edwards’ work convinced Legendary to follow Marvel Studios’ lead and develop a shared cinematic universe based on giant monstersrelaunch on the big screen and in sauce yankees the entire Touhou kaiju stall, along with the biggest, most primitive, and most beautiful creature ever conceived by American cinema: King Kong.

Godzilla vs. Kong 17

Godzilla vs. Kong: Stage

amazing Skull Island Jordan Vogt-Roberts is out already in 2017, laying the foundations world building what would later be called MonsterVerse. She collects $566 million beauty and paves the way for Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters Michael Dougherty in 2019, an epic and elegant yet misunderstood beauty that slithers at the box office with just $386 million, barely recouping its investment. Then the coronavirus pandemic, the film market crisis and the hybrid release of films. godzilla vs kong in 2021, at a time of great uncertainty, when, however, impressive movie monster Adama Wingard wins over viewers and critics with great reviews and a $470 million net of accompanying landing also on the streaming platform. An unexpected success at one of the most difficult times for cinema and the world, which shows that fans want a sequel to MonsterVerse. So, one year after the tenth anniversary of the shared kaiju universe, we now have two projects coming into this great creative cauldron of monsters, different from each other, but both promising. Let’s discover them together.

Godzilla vs. Kong and the Two Monster Movies for Review

new empire

Godzilla vs. Kong 9

Godzilla vs. Kong: Godzilla in one scene

The first, but not necessarily more important, of the two MonsterVerse parts currently in post-production is a direct sequel. godzilla vs kong, titled Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire. Basically a cinematic multiplication for the base new titan empire That’s what these creatures are called. The plot and synopsis of the project are still under lock and key, but it is known that the film will take into account the final events of the previous chapter. MonsterVerse, with peace between Godzilla and Kong and Monarch’s settlement in the Hollow Earth, the cradle of the titans at the heart of the world. Such a forgotten and untouched kingdom actually becomes the home of Kong, and Godzilla returns to the bottomless depths of the ocean, remaining the undisputed King of the Monsters. After some statements Adam Wingardagain the director of the project, in theory there may be a re-adaptation to a new look King Kong – forest giant 1967, the third film of the Showa era about the Monkey King, directed by the legendary Ishiro Honda. The director had this to say about it:one of his favorite films about the character“, but above all for the presence of Mech Kong and the eccentric Doctor Who (no, not with the BBC).

Godzilla vs. Kong 11

Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong flees from Godzilla’s atomic beam

In the presentation teaser of the film, however, there is a detail that should not be forgotten: on the throne of the Hollow Earth sits a monkey smaller and younger than Kong, so much so that among the many skeletons surrounding the room, there are also the skulls of the same Kong and Godzilla, as it were emphasizing the beginning of something new, the arrival of another generation and the end of an era. In this sense, in New Empire we could perhaps admire an updated version of Kiko, the historical descendant of Kong, first introduced in it. son of Kong since 1933 Ernst B. Schoedsack. After all, since its inception, King Kong’s destiny has always been to die, and who knows if it’s not his time in MonsterVerse, too, given his age, loneliness, and the narrative arc experienced from 2017 to the present. The cast, however, will return Rebecca Hall as Dr. Ilena Andrews, Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes, and baby Kylie Hottle as Gia. The great novelty is Dan Stevens in a still mysterious role. The idea is that Godzilla x Kong: New Empire will determine the future of MonsterVerse for the next 10 years, with the help of a very intriguing “serial colleague”.

Godzilla vs. Kong Review: Generous Battles for Iconic Monsters

Monster Legacy

Godzilla Series 3

Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters, still from the series

As previously announced MonsterVerse will also land on the small screen with spin-offs. In truth, he already did this a few months ago on Netflix with the Skull Island animated series, which sadly went unnoticed by most due to not-quite-brilliant promotion. However, it looks like Legendary wants to make big headway with this second streaming project. This is a live TV series developed for Apple TV plus and on a big budget called Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters, and as the title suggests, it will focus on the association that, in the kaiju cinematic universe, has to do with finding and capturing titans. The series will be set during the founding of a government agency in the 1950s and even after the events Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters, a film in which the existence of titans is revealed to the world. The protagonists of the story are two brothers who seek to discover the secret connection that unites their family with the Monarch. A journey that will lead them to Lee Shou, an army officer whose knowledge of the agency is considered a threat to his survival.

Godzilla series

Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters, still from the series

To take on the role of Shaw between two different historical periods, we will find Wyatt Russell in the 1950s and his father Kurt Russell in the present, thus exploiting their incredible similarities with more than adequate narrative endings. The cast also includes superb character actors Christopher Heyerdahl, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett, Mary Yamamoto and Anna Sawai. Indeed, the latter appears in two images released by Apple in recent days, one of which sees her face to face with Godzilla. The direction of the first two episodes was also entrusted to the talented Matt Shakmanalready behind Wanda Vision and chosen to direct the Marvel Studios reboot. Fantastic 4. Other directors also include Hiromi Kamata (Shoguns), Julian Holmes (Boys, Daredevil), Andy Goddard (Downton Abbey, Doctor Who) and Mairzi Almas (Sandman, Outlander), and writers and showrunners – Chris Black (Split, Invincible) and matte fraction (Hawkeye). A ambitious project and very importantly, he could even set a new and promising standard for the serial continuum MonsterVersewith possible and possible transition between cinema and small screen.

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