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Friends 22 Talisa professional: how she was like a tissue PHOTO

In the corps de ballet of Amici 22 we see Talisa Ravagnani, former protagonist of the talent show: how she was as a tissue in Striscia la Notizia

Among the novelties of the Amici 22 evening we also find an old acquaintance of the program, or Talisa Ravagnani, protagonist of the nineteenth edition of the talent show, when she participated as a student. In addition to being a face of Amici, the professional of Maria De Filippi’s show also showed off as a tissue of Striscia la Notizia, where as a blonde tissue in 2021 she was the protagonist together with Giulia Pelagatti. Talisa’s, albeit brief, is already a career of the highest level, with a great international echo. The dancer, born in 2001, was born in Milan, but grew up between Dubai and Los Angeles, cultivating her great passion for dance and feeding it with prestigious studios. The new professional of the Amici 22 evening is trained as a dancer in the United States, obtaining a certain notoriety also for having danced in the video clip of Look at her now, a song by Selena Gomez, famous singer and actress, protagonist of the successful TV series Only Murders in the Building. Upon returning to Italy, Talisa joins the cast of Amici 19 and after the entire daytime routine she manages to get to the evening as well, presenting herself at the starting lineup, given her great experience, as one of the super favorites. In reality, Talisa’s experience at Amici 19 ended early, with the dancer being eliminated in the second episode, but this did not stop her career, on the contrary it launched it even more. As we have seen, Ravagnani joined the cast of Striscia la Notizia in 2021 and this gave her even greater popularity, given that with Giulia Pelagatti she formed one of the most popular showgirl couples of recent times. Now, Talisa has returned to Amici, as a professional dancer, following the path of many of her colleagues and building another piece of her career.

Talisa Ravagnani Instagram

All the experiences that Talisa Ravagnani has lived have guaranteed her great popularity, as evidenced by her Instagram profile, which has over 150,000 followers. Talisa’s Instagram nickname is talisajade_ and here we can see many shots of both the working and daily life of the professional dancer on the Amici 22 evening. Among video clips that see her as the protagonist of choreographies, collaborations, partnerships and shots of her experience on Striscia la Notizia, the former student of Amici 19 is very active on social media, including photographs of her beautiful travels and a roundup of videos of her loving cat. Furthermore, in the Instagram bio there is the famous video clip of the song by Selena Gomez, a real springboard for Talisa, who boasts many American fans among her followers, which increase her international aura. Furthermore, the return of the dancer to the Canale 5 talent show was celebrated by many fans, who as soon as they noticed her began to express their happiness on Twitter, saying they were happy to see the dancer again after she had left a school a little too early. Compared to her career at Amici as a competitor and as a tissue, Talisa has changed a lot over time. Before her her look was more standard with long blonde hair, today on stage as a pro she looks much more sophisticated with more noticeable make up and a short haircut that enhances the beauty of her facial features.

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