What the first reviews of Lana Del Rey’s new album say

“It feels like leafing through someone’s diary,” writes the Guardian talking about Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd. Lana Del Rey’s ninth album is out today and judging by the pics on Twitter, it’s already making a lot of people cry. According to the British newspaper «the new Pop generation seems to look to Del Rey as a light, a point of reference, perhaps more than any other star. Her impact on culture is beyond measure, evidenced by a recent interview in which Billie Eilish talks about Del Rey, revealing that she had a photo of her as the wallpaper on her first cell phone ». No wonder expectations for the new release were sky-high.

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It is a very intimate, reflective album, the first reviews define it as «meditative». The singer-songwriter has now abandoned the “old America” ​​aesthetic to focus on the details of her life. «Matters of family and inheritance, memory and death swirl around each other until they become the same»writes theindependent. It is an album that recalls his collections of poems, written with a typewriter or by hand in lined notebooks. “The album’s opening track is steeped in memory – practically sepia-toned as she recalls ‘my sister’s first child’ and ‘grandmother’s last smile’ in one heart-wrenching verse,” writes the journalist. Annabel Nugent. Much like a stream of consciousness the album has constant callbacks that bounce from song to song. “Through stories of her family, a failed relationship, her conflicted desire to be seen and hidden away at the same time, Del Rey reveals not only who she is, but also why that is who she is,” she comments. Rolling Stones.

The family has a central role as well as its own roots from which, usually, even our deepest traumas arise. Even death, a theme dear to Del Rey, is always present. In “The Grants” he reflects on loss, in “Grandfather Please Stand on the Shoulders of My Father While He’s Deep-Sea Fishing” he talks about the Afterlife and through the memory of his grandfather he prays for his father’s safety, in “Kintsugi” we find the experience of watching a loved one die. But there is no shortage of thoughts on love, dreams for the future, questions about one’s life. As well as sensations and memories, even genres, song after song, mix between pop, jazz and hip hop. The six-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter is back to making headlines by carrying forward an aesthetic that has, by now, become an integral part of our time.

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