attention! EsSalud ensures continuity of Padomi services

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Social care chiefs have dismissed rumors of the scheme being suspended. Instead, he announced that power would be restored.

he EsSalud CEO Dr. C├ęsar Linares AguilarRest assured home care plan (Padomi) totally ensure for all seniors Insured.This is after they appeared rumor The program will be closed.

“The news that Padomi is disappearing is false. We want to assure our seniors that the project will continue. I don’t know where the rumors of deactivation came from. We have found ghost patients, situations where medical staff are supposed to visit. “He is sitting in his office. We are taking the necessary corrective measures,” said the head of EsSalud.

They ensured Padomi’s continuity.

In this sense, he appeals to patients who enjoy this preferential service keep Calm and explain in detail Padomi will Repower with new mobile units as many are Invalidwhich makes it difficult to comply with visits to the insured.

He pointed out that another strategy is to Improve the above proceduresexperienced decentralization Padomi is here lime and Callaothe maximum number of which Precautions people of this age group.

Padomi is available to insured seniors.

What should be remembered is Padomi provides general and specialized medical services, nursing, laboratory, psychology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, nutrition, social assistance, oxygen therapy, 24-hour emergency, dental, home hospitalization and home delivery of medications.So far this year, as of September 6, there have been Add 1 million 600 thousand followers.

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