Italy as VIP. From Jordan to De Niro, Douglas and Harry Styles: who chooses Bel Paese

THATcount dream place for foreign tourists. If domestic holiday flows fluctuate a little, and flows from abroad are almost returning to pre-coronavirus levels (especially for Americans), it is VIPs who give additional prestige for our settlements.

Italy as VIP.  From Jordan to De Niro, Douglas and Harry Styles: who chooses Bel PaeseDe Niro in Naples, lunch at the Mimi restaurant in Ferrovia.

Many among actors, politicians, athletes or public figures a world famous person who chose our country as a summer stop. And how can you blame them, given the scenic, historical and artistic beauty that Italy has to offer. In the end, VIPs certainly don’t suffer the consequences recent increase (primarily gasoline, but also flights) and for them a few days in Italy is just an excuse relaxation and escape from everyday life. At first it was more or less George Clooney with his house on Lake Como (now rented out), then it was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who chose our country as the venue for their wedding, Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano (Rome), not to mention Sting and his estate in Tuscany. However, just recently there was news about the decision Elon Musk build a house in Alta Badia.

De Niro and Michael Jordan: between Naples, Capri and Sicily

A recent example that Robert DeNiro: A few days ago, the American actor went on his personal grand tour, accompanied by his children. Amalfi Coast and Naples (where he certainly didn’t miss the city’s delicacies). Photographs and videos document his passage through the Partenope Gulf, which is further emphasized internationally by the presence of the artist and Jeff Bezos, on his record-breaking boat. It certainly doesn’t need additional lighting.island Capri: One of the favorite summer spots of international VIPs and tycoons hosted none other than Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Italy as VIP.  From Jordan to De Niro, Douglas and Harry Styles: who chooses Bel Paese

Jordan and Johnson on vacation in Capri

The two former stars of the ball were immortalized at a dinner on the island of Campania, which was a good opportunity to also sing “In Blue, Dyed Blue.” The actor is also with them Samuel L. Jackson. Not only Capri for the Bulls legend: Jordan also visited Sicily (the fire problem apparently didn’t slow him down) where he allowed himself a few days break Palermo and Lipari.

Olivia Wilde is conquered by the Apulian taralli

We stay in Southobviously a very popular place for international VIPs, with Olivia Wilde. The former face of House is enjoying a few days off. Apuliawhere she was kidnapped (and this is evidenced by videos on her social accounts) by local Taralli.

Italy as VIP.  From Jordan to De Niro, Douglas and Harry Styles: who chooses Bel Paese

Olivia Wilde is fascinated by the Apulian taralli

Valley of Itria and Cisternino for her, accompanied by regional food and typical dances that enliven her summer. Rest days in the heel of the boot, a few weeks ago, also for Kim Kardashian and Manchester City striker Haaland.

Harry Styles: visiting the “dying” village of Tushiya

He is one of the owners of one of the few houses in Civita di Bagnoregio. Probably the most famous of all. Harry Styles this summer he did not miss a trip to Tusia from Viterbo, visit to a lonely village in the middle of a valley of badlands (candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List), land of great white wines. Not only the so-called “Dying City”, for the pop star there is also an excursion along the shore of a nearby lake. Bolsena.

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Crowe choose Tuscany

We go a little further north, moving from Tushia to Tuscany. Observation Montalcino for the American actor and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. Beer and pizza for two who also treated themselves to a visit Val D’Orciaone of the cradles of the most famous Italian wines in the world, Brunello di Montalcino.

Italy as VIP.  From Jordan to De Niro, Douglas and Harry Styles: who chooses Bel Paese

Val d’Orcia, destination of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

A little further, in Florence, here Russell Crowe: The Gladiator actor strolls through the Tuscan capital, where he enjoyed a long visit to the Uffizi Gallery. For the Australian-born artist, also a stop in Campania for the excavations Pompeii. Relaxing days in Tuscany too James Franco and his girlfriend Isabel Pakzad, paparazzi on the beach in Porto Ercole (Grosseto).

Italian holidays of our politicians: Puglia is the most popular

Returning to the conversation about people exclusively from our country, our politicians could not help but choose Italy. After the last Council of Ministers, many politicians begin their summer holidays. Prime Minister Georgia Meloni he is likely to spend a few days in Puglia (the region at the center of many disputes between high prices and the case of a restaurant that did not accept vegan customers) with his family, as will the Minister for European Affairs, Cohesion Policy and Pnrr. Raffaele Fittoand M5 President Francesco Silvestri’s deputies.

Italy as VIP.  From Jordan to De Niro, Douglas and Harry Styles: who chooses Bel Paese

Meloni and Salvini: this is where they will go on holiday

Instead, rumors talk about a holiday in the mountains, Trentino, however Matteo Salvini. There Santancheat the center of national news in recent weeks, chooses Versilia, while Giovanni Toti as usual, he will move to his Tuscan summer residence. Days in Chocharia instead it seems like they are in Antonio’s program Thayani.


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