Aurora Campari: “Restoration must be fueled by an average product”

Below the interview Aurora CampariHead of Theatrical, Digital and Television Sales Summit 360, published in the Speciale Distribuzione attached to the box office July 15–30 (No. 9). To read the entire issue of the Special Distribution Special, you can download the pdf or digital version from the Box Office app on Google Play and the App Store, or subscribe directly to the paper version of the magazine.

What are your best films coming to the big screen next semester?
“September 21 let’s go to the cinema mercenaries, the highly anticipated fourth chapter of the saga with major action icons such as Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren already appearing in previous chapters and with new members Megan Fox, Andy Garcia and 50 Cents. For horror lovers this is coming Piper with Julian Sands, reimagining the tale of the Pied Piper. Enrich our lineup will be later Midges, an important title at the Cannes competition, starring Sean Penn and Ty Sheridan: this is a tense thriller about the lives of two paramedics who save the lives of many people every day in New York under a permanent state of emergency. Also at the competition in Cannes, we are proud to present to the Italian public Pyro, a gripping historical drama with thriller elements from award-winning Brazilian director Karim Ainouz, set in the court of Henry VIII, starring Alicia Vikander and Jude Law. For comedy lovers, it will be later You hurt my feelings, a delightful, ironic and funny film that comes straight from Sundance, where the main character Julia Louis-Dreyfus was highly acclaimed. Finally, we are waiting for a new action movie from Liam Neeson, In the land of saints and sinnerswhile among the announcements I would like to mention Lee, the incredible story of Elizabeth Miller, played by Kate Winslet, an American with a modeling background who, in 1929, decided to follow her passion by moving to Paris to become one of the most important surrealist photographers until and military photojournalists back then.”

How do you assess the results of Vertice 360 ​​over the past six months in light of the recovering market?
“The results are promising and we are pleased with the market response to our proposal in this first phase: we see significant growth on the horizon, driven by the presence of many high-quality, high-grossing films in our lineup, allowing us to take advantage of this recovering market.”

What else does the film market need to find the right balance and bring back the most reluctant audience to cinemas? How do you expect it to close in 2023?
“The market is recovering: the box office of 40 million euros in May 2023 is a strong signal. This summer promises good results both in terms of product and initiatives to support cinema in theaters. This recovery should be fueled by an attempt to bring more and more people to cinemas, also through a medium and independent product, which at this stage is facing great difficulties: these films do not always manage to become an event of attraction for the public, and this needs to work in synergy with an exercise to reconnect with that audience and permanently reclaim those parts of the audience that we have lost as an industry. In fact, I believe that getting good results with independent films would make a decisive contribution to stabilizing the market, closing the gap in recent years.”

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