Journalist Biagio Maimone is in charge of the press service of the match in memory of Gianluca Vialli.

Journalist Biagio Maimone is in charge of the press service of the match in memory of Gianluca Vialli.

Sunday, September 10 at 21:00 at the Granillo Stadium, “The Legend of Gianluca Vialli”, a football match in memory of Gianluca Vialli, the proceeds of which will go to We Aut Structure, specializing in helping children with autism.

(ASI) Reggio Calabria – Nello Stadium Oreste Granillo Reggio Calabria Sunday September 10, 2023football match at 21The legend of Gianluca Vialli. , in honor of Gianluca Vialli, who died on January 6, 2023.

Azzurri squad Alexander Arena and dream teamWine of Champions. From Fabius CordellaWith Patronage of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, will give life to a commemorative event of solidarity in favor of autistic children, which will be attended by former teammates, actors, singers and friends of the great deceased football player.

They confirmed their presence

English defender John Terry, Ivan Zamorano, Ze Maria, Marco Materazzi, Cafu, Vincent Candela, Ernesto Chevanton, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Marcio Amoroso, Amauri, Julio Cesar, Kelvin Curagni, Marek Janculoski, Tommaso Rocchi, Giuseppe Sculli, Simone Pepe,

Giacomo Tedesco, Emiliano Bonazzoli,

Jorge Vargas, Francesco Cozza, Fausto Pizzi, Benny Carbone, Andrea Damante, Sebastian Frei, Diego Lugano, Francesco Colonnese, Cristian Terlizzi, Olympic champion Luigi Busa, Pierluigi Pardo, host of the sports program “Tiki Taka”, journalist Biagio Maimone, musical group Eiffel 65, television host Francesco Facchinetti, influencers Enzuccio and Le Twins with 18.5 million followers, Brazilian singer Gustavo Almeida, Cuban singer and songwriter Jon Secada, two-time Grammy award winner who sold 20 million albums and was the composer for Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and famous songwriter Fabrizio Venturi, Artistic Director of the Christian Song Festival, who will perform his songs a few minutes before the start.

Soon they will be joined by other famous world football stars, artists and well-known TV presenters.

Master jeweler Michele Affidato will create the “National Azzurri” award, commissioned by the Festival della Canzone Cristiana, to be presented to Alessandro Arena for his deep commitment to the structure of We Aut.

Maimone Communication, an expert in the field of social, humanitarian and solidarity communication, is the press service of the match.

The event is dedicated to the untimely death of a great man and champion who, with extraordinary courage, fought his illness to the end, never giving up.

Alessandro Arena acted as the event’s press office for journalist Biagio Maimone. communications) specialist in social, humanitarian and solidarity communications, who stated: “Taking care of this important initiative dedicated to the memory of champion Gianluca Vialli is a great honor for me, as he is a wonderful example of courage and strength.

Building a link between the memory of Vialli and helping children with autism further highlights the profound message that the great champion bequeathed to all of us, namely the need to combine sport with humanitarian action aimed at helping those who experience discomfort due to their physical difference.

in fact, the proceeds from the match will be donated to We Autwhich is a body specialized incaring for autistic children.

The city of Reggio Calabria wants to remember the world football star who stood out for her legendary prowess both at the sporting and human level.

Everyone knows his warm and tender commitment to educating young players not only to achieve winning results, but to instill in them the confidence to handle football commitments without ever giving up in the face of the critical challenges that characterize it. inspired by an indefatigable perseverance full of hope, that same fortitude and that same hope, of which Gianluca Vialli was a truly outstanding example during his illness, showing that he knew how to live with an always serene gaze on that horizon, which he knew, unfortunately, he must was relentless to reach.

Those who participate in the celebration thank the master of football and, at the same time, the master of life for his great and loving commitment.

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