Avian Influenza: Arrivals suspended in Lake Brava | Alert in La Rioja and confirmed cases in Catamarca

After days of speculation about the cause of the deaths of more than a dozen flamingos white lagoon,government rioja The report states that in the face of an imminent outbreak, measures to be taken Avian Influenza. The statement was issued after learning of confirmed cases in the Andean High Lagoon in the neighboring province of Catamarca.

“he National Service for Agricultural Food Health and Quality (SENASA) In response to the massive death of flamingo birds in my country, relevant health measures have been implemented Lake Brava, Province of Vincina, Considering that the area is a tourist attraction and taking into account the health emergency faced by our country due to avian influenza or avian influenza disease, SENASA Resolution 431/2023 deems it necessary to carry out a tourist closure of the area,” the statement said.

The measure prevents the entry of unauthorized people and vehicles and addresses the issue of a negative diagnosis of avian influenza last Thursday (October 26), which occurred in suffering, The province of Catamarca has been confirmed to be the focus of the flamingo disease.

Since the dead bird was discovered, several hypotheses have been put forward by the government and the environment assembly. The General Assembly condemned mining activities in the area, while the Environment Secretariat first considered the possibility that the birds were already exhausted when they arrived and that, because the lagoon was currently frozen, they would not find enough food; then there was talk of climate change.

in communication La Rioja 12, Minister of Environment of La Rioja, Santiago Azoulay, He acknowledged today that the cases were linked to flamingo deaths in neighboring provinces. “He tested positive this morning in Catamarca and that’s probably what’s happening in our province. In addition, our lagoon is frozen and the flamingos have no food. Of course, our defenses are lower because they don’t have Finding food, coupled with the infection problem,” the official said.

In this sense, they note that “only trained and authorized personnel should handle the carcasses accordingly” and advise against handling the birds until a second diagnosis has been made by the SENASA laboratory. The statement recalls that avian influenza is a zoonotic disease (transmittable to humans) that can only be transmitted through contact and not through the air.

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