Avisur: Egg prices will take three years to return to pre-pandemic levels

At present, the price of one kilogram of eggs in the Lima wholesale market is about 9 S/9, and the entry of contraband may further affect its production.

Egg prices may be down for longer than expected Association of Southern Poultry Producers (AVISUR).

Avisur President Raul Salas said it will take up to three years for poultry farmers to return to production levels following bird flu and higher prices for wheat and soybeans used to feed birds.

“For us, the population level birds (We were before the pandemic) If there were no (bird flu) outbreaks, we would have taken another two or three years,” Salas told a conference.

Avian influenza alone costs an estimated $50,000 in poultry alone, which translates to a 30% to 40% drop in production for poultry farmers. That means higher prices for consumers.

“Current production prices Egg Locally it is S/6, depending on soybeans and corn,” Salas added.

Poultry farmers pointed out that the current price of eggs on the farm is S$8.70 per kilogram, while the price of eggs in the wholesale market is S$9.10 per kilogram, and some traders are selling as much as S$10 or S$11 per kilogram.

Before the outbreak, at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, egg price Prices in the retail market are below 4 S/4 per kg. Even in 2021, a kilogram of eggs sold for an average of S$4.50, but now it is nearly double that.

Salas warned that the situation could worsen as some 3.6 million smuggled eggs arrive each week from Ecuador and Bolivia, affecting the regions of Tumbes, Trujillo, Puno, Cusco and Madre de Dios .

President Avesur noted that the introduction of these birds could reintroduce avian influenza in these areas and affect the stability of the region. poultry industry.

“We can’t avoid reinfection (of bird flu), so we have to deal with that because if there is a reinfection, it will drop even more and there won’t be an offer, and if there is no offer, the price will skyrocket,” he said .

Salas pointed out that it is difficult for consumers to even identify if they are buying smuggled eggs, and said stopping this illegal trade will be up to traders, border immigration police and the National Security Agency to control.

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