Bad Boys 4 release date confirmed, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will return in 2024.


  • Sony has announced a release date for Bad Boys 4 amid a major overhaul of its calendar due to the ongoing industrial strikes.
  • Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will reprise their roles as Miami detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett in the upcoming buddy cop movie.
  • Bad Boys 4 will hit theaters on June 14, 2024, coinciding with Father’s Day weekend and also competing with Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2.

Due to the delay in most of its future releases, Sony has officially set a release date for Bad Boys 4. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will return as stars of the buddy cop series as Miami detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett. The duo will be joined by a stellar cast of new and familiar faces, including Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Paola Nunez, Eric Dane, Ioann Griffith and Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn.

With the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes still ongoing, Sony has announced a major overhaul of its release calendar, postponing and postponing seven films. Despite these changes, the studio has decided to set the release date for Bad Boys 4 to June 14, 2024, just in time for Father’s Day weekend. The new release date contrasts Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2.

Can Bad Boys 4 repeat the success of For Life?

The announcement that Bad Boys 4 was in development at the time came as no surprise given the huge success of Bad Boys for Life upon its release in 2020, which grossed over $426 million on a $90 million production budget and was the first to receive positive reviews. from critics. Subsequent confirmations of the return of the duo of directors Adil and Bilall and screenwriter Chris Bremner have foreshadowed that it could achieve a level of success similar to its 2020 sequel.

Development on Bad Boys 4 ran into an obstacle in the form of Will Smith’s famous slap in the face of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, with some reports indicating the film had been shelved, but this was later denied by Sony chairman Tom Rothman. However, it took until January for Bad Boys 4 to be confirmed in a video announcement from Smith and Freeman, with filming set to begin in April.

While Sony is moving forward with a sequel, making it one of the few confirmed releases despite several others being shelved, it will be interesting to see if Bad Boys 4 can overcome Smith’s controversy to match Bad Boys’ success. forever”. A positive critical response would have been instrumental in ensuring this continued success, although given the saga’s large fan base, despite the negative reviews for the first two films, it all ultimately hinges on the potential continued interest in the adventures of Mike and Marcus if the fourth film can achieve. the same success.

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