Who, if not Al Pacino, will star in a video clip “related to gangsters”? Bad Bunny is gearing up for the release of a new single, and the video features one of the most beloved Hollywood icons of all time. Al Pacino, star of Scarface and The Godfather, has joined the Puerto Rican rapper for a video shoot at one of New York’s most popular restaurants. This is Carbone, an Italian-American restaurant created by Mario Carbone in the Noho neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. According to the international press, the new Bad Bunny video will focus on the figure of a gangster, so the choice of Al Pacino among the main characters is more than appropriate, given the roles played in the New York actor’s long film career.

According to Page Six, the 2019 Rough Diamonds video will also feature two stars from the 2019 film. Will it be Adam Sandler and Julia Fox? Probably not, but it is rumored to feature Keith William Richards and American fashion designer Wayne Diamond. Meanwhile, in recent times, the NoHo restaurant has quickly become one of the most haunted places of stars, from Drake to Rihanna, Lauren Sanchez, Ivanka Trump and Adele.

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