Bad Bunny, Real Madrid, Netflix and other popular channels on WhatsApp.

Channels allow you to interact with reactions, but not comment. (Cancel splash)

Los Canales de whatsapp it’s a new way to find artists, teams, brands or influencers that interest us. This format, associated with the Meta application, allows them to share their content and we, as users, want to be aware of what is happening with them.

Bad Bunny This is one example of how home improvement works. The singer opened up on the channel and started talking about what was happening day to day, how he was feeling, including announcements on the channel, then made sure that he was going to release the song before September and tried to send it to the chat. , but he didn’t have a podium.

Although this is a space where only the channel duo can post, it is a different way of communicating and followers react to comments with emojis. Football teams have used it to announce their squads and brands to showcase their promotions or products.

The cool thing about linking to these channels is that you can view all the content posted and you don’t have to subscribe to it, although this will help you find it more easily and enable notifications.

The feature is launching a few days ago, but brands and the same content creators are quickly getting involved. For example, AuronPlay, The Spanish streamer has 4.9 million subscribers and has used them on the channel to announce his live streams, as well as share personal ideas, view videos and images that other reds don’t have because the space is much more personal.

Channels are a form of communication in which only space can generate publications. (Information)

But their number is still less than that of stories with a large number of subscribers. Al-a-la-pestanha Novedadesi Luego Bahar a Canales, Let’s take a look at the section of the most popular over these twenty years and there we will find five dominant brands:

1. Netflix: 14.5 million subscribers.

2. Real Madrid: 12.9 million subscribers.

3. Katrina Kaif: 11.2 million followers

4. Bad Bunny: 10.8 million subscribers.

5. FC Barcelona: 9.7 million subscribers.

After these five channels, which are currently the most popular, the trend continues with the labeling of football teams, which are also in the top 10. Liverpool and Manchester City.Luego Aparecen Akshay Kumar, AuronPlay and Olivia Rodrigo.

Channels allow you to interact with reactions, but not comment. (Cancel splash)

While this space is suitable for these types of brands and content creators, anyone can create on it. channel or learn that you need to share your opinions, products and announcements with a community that can respond with emojis.

To have your own channel, you need to follow these steps:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Ir a la pestaña Novedades.

3. Below these states, a “Channels” panel will appear and a “+” icon that you should click on.

4. Select the Create channel option.

5. Once you accept the terms, the creation process will begin.

As we follow the instructions, the application will inform us that we will assign a name, image and description to the channel. After reading the information about this list, click “Create and Compile List.” The next step is to share the front door to the space and start sharing the contents.

We can get followers by sharing the link to access the channel on social media, as there is no need to have a phone number or registration to access this space, as only by saving an account on WhatsApp, the posts can be seen. any channel.

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