Baggy jeans 2023: the best models and how to wear them

Baggy jeans, the constant trend of true fashionistas

If we were to create a modern dream wardrobe, then one piece of clothing that many of us already have in our wardrobe could not be missed: baggy jeans. Despite the return of skinny designs seen here and there, fashionistas have not given up on the comfortable and comfortable clothes they wear season after season, comparable only to the “Linus blanket”. This is the answer for those who do not know what to wear in everyday life or in their free time, but want to be cool.

Asiel / Style Du Monde

Asiel / Style Du Monde

Wide-leg and relaxed jeans are an ode to comfort because they facilitate movement without restricting the body: some even wear them at home, becoming leisure wear, but many freely combine them with a white t-shirt or tank top for a modern look. a uniform. Models who wear them at Fashion Week are well aware of this, pairing them with white sneakers and tailored jackets, while fashionistas use them for their everyday outfits ranging from blue denim to washed out gray and creamy white.

Discover the fashionable baggy jeans below, favorites of it-girls: you will find that there is not only the classic baggy model of the 90s, because among the proposals you will find palazzo variations, straight but comfortable cuts, going from blue denim to vintage . black (in every sense dark gray) and white (from ivory to milky).

Baggy blue jeans

Let’s start with the classic canvas model: Hailey Bieber opted for a soft one that feels a size oversized for a super relaxed effect. Leaning on the hips, the black belt pulls the head and then allows the jeans to fall in all the folds. The look is completed with a cropped white tee and a pair of square-toe loafers for a modern yet comfortable touch that makes the look cool.ensembles.

Hailey Bieber

Ratchput/Bauer Griffin

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