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By now it seems official that nostalgia reign supreme. Not only at home, when we leaf through photo albums made many years ago, perhaps even share them on social networks. More and more often we find ourselves sifting through our own cabinets hoping to find just an accessory or a piece of clothing that we wore years ago. And this, listen, listen, is now in trend again. Because modern designers know: nostalgia is avant-garde. Especially if the current catchphrases are somehow related to the big trends of the 90s or the first decade of the 2000s. For demonstration, there are also stars, from Emma Roberts To Jennifer Lawrencewho always seem to draw from their closets boyish re-offering a particular fashion item in the most up-to-date way.

And right there, in a pile of rubbish, – said Alla. Miranda Priestley de The Devil Wears Prada – here the stylists (re) pulled them out of their hats jelly shoes or, speaking in Italian style, sandals in the shape of a crab (or fisherman). On the other hand, when we were little, we loved them: they protected our feet from walking on the ground. sand red-hot and accompanied us during dip in the sea. They were perfect for playing foosball on the beach as well as for night outs.

Celebrities love jelly shoes

Jelly shoes are the best fashion memory of childhood.  The good news is that they are among the coolest models of the summer, even for adults |  Image 460163

Jelly shoes are the best fashion memory of childhood.  The good news is that they are among the coolest models of the summer, even for adults |  Image 460471

Today, we like them not only because it brought them back into the spotlight. Alexa Chungwhich made them a very desirable model a few years ago thanks to the gemstone buckle. We like them because they light, comfortable and can be selected in various colors. And because they immediately dry out when wet. In addition, if not a designer choice, then also an affordable price. With a plus to be super versatile: in fact they can be worn both with jeans or shorts in combination with a white T-shirt, or with a cotton dress, better in English embroidery, as it was Emma Robertsand even with a midi skirt or long trousers.

History of jelly shoes

Their origin? The first model dates back to 1946, when the French brand Méduse made them out of durable plastic with beach life in mind. From there, the gummy shoe myth became a trend that other brands outside of Paris, even abroad, and no longer only imitate. PVC, even if it remains the most iconic material, but also made of leather, so that you can always demonstrate them, even in the city and in the office. Today we find them of all kinds typein any color and in any material (although we advise you to choose a rubber model – durable, as tradition dictates), even designer and luxurious, even with a massive sole and whimsical details such as rhinestones and studs, from brands that now specialize in on this kind of shoes, for example Melissa, up to the unexpected, from Coach to Off-White. And if you still do not have a pair, or, even more so, if you involuntarily do not keep them since the early 2000s, here most Y2K models to buy, but reimagined in a modern way, which even those who turned up their noses in childhood if they had to wear them crave.

Jelly shoes to try this summer

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