Baker Mayfield admits to stealing Vikings sign, mocks Houston Astros

orA bit of history to appreciate Week 1 of the 2023 NFL Season used to be Baker Mayfield guide tampa bay buccaneers An away win in their first game Tom Brady Mayfield He was sharp and efficient, especially in the final 32 minutes of the game.

The reason for the improvement starting at half-time was Mayfield Begin to Recognize the Signs of Defense minnesota vikings.corridor Buccaneers, Rashard Whiterevealed this on his weekly radio show Tampa Bay.

The Magic of Baker Mayfield

We were paying attention to his signals the whole game, and I remember Baker coming into the locker room at halftime and saying, “I got it.” We get all your signals. If they do, they will go to Cover 2. If they do, they will go to Cover 3. ”

Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield

It’s a shrewd move for a veteran quarterback trying to find success in Tampa.Many may think this is cheating, but it’s part of the game National Football League He didn’t object.

Media inquiries Mayfield about Wednesday’s sign theft and confirmed he took advantage of it for his own benefit.

You always try to find defensive tendencies. As I said after the game, the first half was a chess game. I can’t give Brian Flores enough credit for the scheme (of the defense). It took us some time to get used to it, but you try to find every possible advantage to win. ”

Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield

Another reporter followed up and joked that if Mayfield If you continue like this, your superiors may come looking for you.The quarterback took advantage of the opportunity and made a smart field goal Houston Astros.

NFL plagiarizes MLB

this Star They were mired in a cheating scandal during the 2017 World Series-winning season when they used centerfield cameras to steal catchers and pitchers’ signs. Major League Baseball She was tough on the organization. Technically, stealing signs is legal in baseball, but it cannot be accomplished through the use of technology.

so that Mayfield Pleased with his manners on the court. The 28-year-old signed a one-year contract and will do whatever it takes to win and revive his career.

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