Ballerina nails: what they are and who they look good on

In ballerina nails it comes merged the form a almond with the square one. Not surprisingly, in English, they are identified with the name of coffin nails.

The nails to ballerina they are able to enhance the hands and allow you to play with various styles, given the variety of nail art to which they lend themselves. This very trendy shape can be realized both on natural and reconstructed nails.

To better understand what the ballerina shape is like, an almond is enough which lacks the tip which is filed cleanly into a square precision. The tip that ends square differs from ballerina nails and almond or stiletto nails. In the former, the tip is gently rounded; in the latter, on the other hand, the tip is much more acute.

Coffin nails have been sported by several celebrities including Rihanna or Kylie Jenner. The trend has been amplified by social networks, where the hashtag #coffinnails it can be a starting point for those looking for inspiration.

How to file ballerina nails

Filing is the fundamental part of ballerina nails because it must be precise. In practice, the sides are filed, going to tighten them towards the tip which, instead, will be straight and squared.

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On the sides, the nail looks oblique and soft; the free edge, on the other hand, is clear-cut. To be able to make it better, you need some strong and resistant nails but also quite long, with sufficient free margin.

The file should be held diagonally. From there you have to make precise movements, in the same direction. The two sides will have to be worked first. The goal is to create two oblique lines which then narrow towards the free edge. It will be here that, then, the file will focus for make it clean and squarewith the file placed perpendicular.

We can try it do-it-yourself on this technique only if you have good dexterity. Otherwise, you can rely on industry experts who will evaluate whether to make ballerina nails on natural nails or by applying tips or acrylic.

In addition to the long version, there is also a shorter version that allows you to keep the same shape with a shorter length but still make your fingers tapered. Ballerina nails are possible recreate with false nails too purchasable in perfumery.

Who are they good for?

Being of a very particular shape, ballerina nails perform best on a narrow nail bed. There very long version it is perfect for those who can easily juggle a shape that is not the most practical. The shorter version ballerina nails remain more wearable even by those with a more active lifestyle, for example, by those who play sports. In this case, they make your fingers slim while remaining more practical.

Nails with this particular shape can be colored with enamels more varied. However, the ballerina nail favorites remain the naked and all shades of pale pink. Green light also to french and to all its typologies such as the one made in oblique or the baby boomers and ai shimmering details.

Those who want to experiment with ballerina nails in a darker version will be happy to know that even the dark colors they are valued. Among these, various shades of brown stand out, the darkest burgundy, petrol green, without forgetting black, declined in its opaque version.

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A very playful effect will be given, however, come on pop colors which can accentuate the shape of the coffin nails, even with more shades on the same hand. Ballerina nails will become the perfect canvas even for meticulous nail art work micropainting where the only limit is your imagination (and the patience of your nail artist).

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