Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Sweater Weather’ Manicure Is Like Cashmere for Your Nails – See Photos

There’s no better feeling than when it’s cooled down and it’s finally time to put on your favorite cashmere sweater – so cozy, so comfortable, so luxurious. Jennifer Lopez knows this feeling, and she’s channeling that luscious softness into her latest manicure. As usual, Lopez turned to her manicurist Tom Bachik for a little fall … Read more

fall trends for 2023 according to insiders | Vanity Fair Italy

Instagram content This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated. Autumn French “Dark French on a transparent natural base, like black tips, is very fashionable,” confirms leading manicurist Harriet Westmoreland. “They’re subtle, with a hint of coolness,” he explains. “I think the most popular shape will be the long almond … Read more

Tuxedo nails, Jennifer Lopez’s black and white nails are what we need | Vanity Fair Italy

Another day, another manicure trend to keep an eye on. This time the queue tuxedo nailsor tuxedo-effect nails, which were presented in his Instagram feed by the famous manicurist Tom Bachik. Before you start imagining a tiny bow tie and buttons painted in the center of the nails (which actually appear when you Google the … Read more

34 pink manicures, from a ballerina to a pink Barbie | Vanity Fair Italy

pink nails fashionable and we believe that there is a hand in barbicor movement. While opalescent pink and ballerina pink were (and still are) hugely popular hues, this summer’s upcoming Barbie movie has many of us opting for brighter, more vibrant hues. As for Barbie herself (and by that we mean Margot Robbiewho will play … Read more

“Why did you do that?”. But it’s not what it seems

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoying the first dayssummer along with his family on an ultra-luxury yacht (worth over 7 million euros) in Sardinian waters. Last few days, Georgina Rodriguez posted some pictures of her and Christian along with his children Cristiano Jr., twins Eva and Matteo, born by a surrogate mother, and two joint girls, Alana Martina … Read more

«If I was in a coma I would do a manicure once a week»

Khloe Kardashiana style and fashion icon, has a real obsession with manicure. The 303 million-follower influencer recently made a wish, or rather a request for beauty, which left fans speechless. What is it about? Rich Girl nails, Jennifer Lopez’s nails drive the web crazy: here’s what they are Kourtney Kardashian, Kim’s sister turns into Marilyn … Read more

Rich Girl nails, the elegant manicure that drives the web crazy | Vanity Fair Italy

One thing is certain. Among so much color, graphics, imaginative and often spectacular motifs, the effect minimal, almost natural, it still remains an incurable must-have. Also in the manicure sector. The proof comes from a real one nail maniathat of the so-called «rich girl nails», which broke out just a few months ago, but is … Read more

“Now I’m going to find out how the Kardashians live”

Giulia Salemi is very active on her social profiles. The influencer enjoys keeping her followers informed about what she does during the day and about her… Access the article and all the contents of the sitewith the dedicated app, newsletters and live updates. Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL OFFER FLASH OFFER ANNUAL €49.99 €19For 1 … Read more