Bambi, Heidi, Pippi and Marco: What a great vaccine!

October 7, 2023 . Updated at 05:00 h.

One day, there will be a study that allows us to explain how television and movies affected our childhoods. and will draw conclusions. For example, we will see how children who grew up in cartoons and series in the seventies faced a reality that is now denied: life in a country.Now, they want to change Bambi’s ending So that no one died and the children didn’t suffer, they could give the children the cowpox vaccine they gave us all back then to strengthen us. I wasn’t thinking about any childhood trauma.Two septuagenarians snacking with Heidi Orphaned, he lived in a hut, but he immediately took his aunt out of the hut so that she could straighten up like a young lady. Rottenmeierhow it used to be Worse than your presentation; Heidi You also have a friend, Clara, who also has a share of Moreau for the rest of the group paralyzed (that’s the word used), but there she was, blushing, and her friend Pedro, singing and jumping happily across the mountains. Marco is our second vaccine: a 9-year-old boy who is completely isolated from the world and resigned to his fate, wandering half-way around the world like the monkey he is in search of his immigrant son.The flag is peewild, six days shared with donkeys, more about love than freedom. Heidi, Bambi, Pippi and Marco, had their vaccinations done two 7 years ago, they could have more healers than all this cosmopolitan crap two soft countries. This is some nonsense from our sir.

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