DaBaby Reveals How He Spent His First Million Dollars


DaBaby raps about his millions many times, but Hip-HopDX I wanted to know where those first seven-digit numbers went?

After catching up with the North Carolina rapper on the red carpet at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night (October 3), DXThe magazine’s Jeremy Hecht learned how DaBaby is positioning himself for the future after receiving his first big payday.

“The first thing I did was my state of mind, you know what I mean?” he started. “For my daughters, I have something that no one can take away from them. And it’s like Wonderland. This is my version of Neverland. In fact, first I gave my mother a crib, and then I did this. And I just reinvested in myself, period. I have all the camera equipment that is used to film your favorite TV shows and your favorite movies.”

He continued: “I basically started a film production company the entire time I was running the label – while I was one of the biggest stars on the label I was signed to. So I had a lot going on at the same time while I was dealing with all my personal issues that a lot of people didn’t know about. So it’s just a blessing to come out on the other side of all the bullshit, all the negativity, and still have all that other shit that I created and worked on, right here, face to face with me. It’s time to take off, baby!”

You can watch the clip below.

In addition to his rap career, DaBaby wants to be on TV with 50 Cent at some point.

Over the years, Fif has steadily built his film and television empire, launching numerous careers just from his Power franchise. And, noticing this, the “BOP” rapper took the time to take a photo under one of the 50s posts. Power scenes on Monday (October 2).

DaBaby Gets Proposal From Deion Sanders After Showing Off Football Skills

DaBaby Gets Proposal From Deion Sanders After Showing Off Football Skills

“I gotta co-star with you on screen before it’s over bro,” DaBaby wrote.

50 Cent has publicly supported DaBaby in the past, calling him out during a Rolling Loud performance in New York in 2021, weeks after his controversial homophobic remarks at Rolling Loud Miami.

“He’s a really talented, special artist, right?” 50 told E! Internet after the incident. “And he just came from that circle of rap artists that everyone is in. Like, they didn’t warn him that he was turning into a superstar.

“No one is going to tell you, ‘Now you’re held to these standards,’ which are the accepted standards, that you can’t say different things and you can’t do different things. He didn’t have a publicist, which is why it took so long to respond.

“Even his apology, his first attempt at an apology, made the situation worse. Do you know what this is? When a person makes a general statement because he made a general statement on stage, he is not addressing it to any particular person, but what happens is that he is still a beginner and he is attacked by certain people.”

He added: “He’s only two years into his career. There is no development of the artist. There’s no strong A&R involved. There is definitely no media preparation. He (will come back to normal). As long as he maintains consistency in his music. Remember when they canceled Chris Brown five, six times?”

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