Barbie and Dua Lipa shared a selfie with the entire cast of the film

In a photo posted on social media, the British music star can be seen smiling with his fellow adventurers, who are seeing record numbers at the box office around the world.

Performers and creators BarbieGreta Gerwig’s film, which debuted in Italian cinemas on July 20 last year, is a box office success for the feature film, grossing record numbers both in the US and the rest of the world. British singer and songwriter Dua Lipawhat for Barbie made a single Dance the night away also performing herself in front of the camera as Mermaid Barbie, she posted on Instagram. shot with colleagues on the set which testifies to the great harmony that reigns between the main characters of this great adventure already in the history of cinema for many reasons.

Selfie with actors Barbie

Dua Lipa is on vacation in a sense, and in the weeks when she is away from the stage and promotional tour Barbiewhich was interrupted by the American actors and screenwriters’ strike, dedicated some time to his followers, sharing some moments from the last few weeks, certainly full of moments worth remembering.
Among the classic photographs”post-roll“, in which random photographs are chosen to capture the spirit of a specific period, the pop star inserted a photo dating back to premiere Barbieone of Los Angeles since July 9 last year, judging by her outfit in the photo.
The singer and actress gives a tight smile to a group of actors in the cast. Barbie among which stand out the main characters Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, all struggling with funny facial expressions in front of the mirror.
The photo captures a behind-the-scenes moment from the California premiere, an event that excited fans and photographers at the Shrine Auditorium. For the occasion, Dua Lipa wore a truly memorable look, chosen in collaboration with her stylist Lorenzo Posocco and custom created by the Bottega Veneta team. Needless to say, the 27-year-old was one of the most glamorous of the evening.

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Barbie, actors at the film premiere in Los Angeles

Dua Lipa’s looks for the film premiere

All performers Barbie contributed to the success of the film’s promotional tour through the careful wardrobe choices they took to events around the world.
Automobile Barbie Gerwig traveled down a pink road made of themed looks and sparkly dresseseverything is in keeping with the Mattel doll’s universe, vibrant and sometimes over the top.
Dua Lipa got into the spirit of the film even off the set in high fashion. Outside Bottega Veneta her stylist asked the house for cooperation Versace who worked like never before with Dua Lipa this season.
The pop star famously signed collection Holidaya line of summer clothing and accessories inspired by the festive style and designs of Gianni Versace’s creations of the nineties, a decade that inspired many of his outfits.
In London, Dua Lipa showed off a metallic mesh dress and, despite avoiding the strict all-pink color palette of the premiere Barbieshe still got into the mood of the film in bright outfits suitable for flashes and spotlights.

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